Monday, August 10, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook - Family and Prayer Days

A Simple Woman's Daybook 10th August

Here is the link to Peggy's who is our Hostess for A Simple Womans Daybook. Hop on over and see what some others are doing this week.

Outside My Window ...
Overcast, dreary cold day.
I am listening to...
Little ones playing and baby 'talking' others pretty quiet.
I am Praying and thinking about...
The disappointment of NOT having the person come again today. WE have been anticipating all weekend and finally this morning we find out he could not fit itinto his schedule and will send his Son to have a look, when you ask, well we don't know.
Wondering how long we have to wait.
It is so hard with expectations constantly not being met.

Praying that it will end soon for the sake of all our family.
Praying the children and Stephen get over their colds soon.
I am thankful for...
For our family and the blessings of family life.
Just being a Wife and Mother-- these are the gifts I give thanks for each and every day.
That Stephen is home for over a week and that we can spend time together.
From the Kitchen...
Breakfast is cold cereal
Lunch is salad and sandwiches
Dinner is corned beef, mashed potatoes, pumpkin and brocoli
Morning tea - sultana bread
I am wearing..
Brown skirt, dark red skivvy, black tights and brown blundstone boots.
Makeup and hair out.
I am reading...
A woman after God's own Heart by Elizabeth George.
I had read this over 16 years ago and when Erin was here we talked books and she borrowed it. Of course then I had to read it again when she raved about it along with my other favourite book, The spirit of Loveliness by Emilie Barnes

Still reading. I have been doing a lot of planning and praying instead.
I also have had sick children and not had much free time.
Looking to the Rhythm of the Liturgical Year...
Just covering the basics this week---
It is all I can manage:
Pray the Rosary with Special intentions
Prepare for Sunday's readings
Learn this week's Psalm so it is familiar for Mass
Implement the Divine Mercy Chaplet again and the Angelus In our learning spaces...
Hopefully start our Spiderwick study.
Start some of our "Enjoying the Journey through August" Plans Do the Marionettes and Table puppets...Plan to finish by the end of the week
Help Autumn, Eden, Vellvin and Rogan do more writing on their blogs. I am really happy with this as I think it encourages them to think and write about things that interest them.
Write up the Geography plans some more for Africa.
Read Assigned reading books
Continue on with written plans tweaking as necessary
Persist with little girls learning.
I am still putting written plans on to the learning blog so I have it all at my fingertips. Arwen has been very hard to put down for very long as I think she has Colic. Therefor my time to do this is limited.
The Science experiments are going really well. The children are enjoying these.
Continue with the younger ones learning with Story sacks and circle time and the activities that "rabbit trail" off this.
Just get through the days......

Around the house...
Keep the house tidy in the expectation that we will be having prospective buyers coming through soon.
We are constantly in a round of prepare, person not come......prepare, person not come.....
Keep everything really neat and tidy and stay on the schedule of early rising( Well I am trying, the younger and middle children are good and the older ones are getting better) so the order of the day can flow nicely.
Persist in little ones packing up before moving on to new activity. This is going better but still lots of room for improvement.
One of my favourite things at the moment...
Having Stephen home...
I will claim a moment for myself...
Work on the Seasons Exchange items for my partner.
Finish the silk Marionettes with Autumn. Start the 'regular' marionettes with Eden and Rogan.
Start the table puppets with who ever wants to them
A few extra plans for the week...
Just be together as a family trying to adjust with Daddy being home and still keeping a routine going.
Give the children "wiggle" room for their own activities and interests
Get outside and go for walks together.
Read the Spiderwick Chronicles with Stephen.
Early bird starting for everyone. Practice makes perfect.
A goal for Myself...
Take all my thoughts and lay them before the Lord. Depend on the Lord and Our Holy Mother for her intersessions.
Here are some picture thoughts for the week... A more relaxed feeling for family life..



Kim said...

Prayers for you and yours. *hugs*

Gae said...

Thank you
We do need them
God Bless


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