Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Book Lists

As it is Spring here in Australia I have added our Spring and Summer picture books to my side bar.
The reason for adding the Summer ones is that because our Summer is during Advent and Christmas we do not read these Summer books then. Also soon after the Christmas season finishes we start Lent and then we move onto those books.

So if you are looking for some Spring and Summer books I have added all I could find at the moment to the side bar.

Also I changed the Random Book Basket just recently. These are books I just put out of the bookcases so the children look at them on a regular basis. We actually rotate 2 baskets at a time, and I have only added some from each of the 2 baskets.

I hope you enjoy looking.


Erin said...


I can't see your book pics, boo hoo:(

Title headings are there but not the pics.

Gae said...

I just checked Erin and I can see them. Any one else have a problem?
They are on the left side bar, Spring and right for Rqndom books


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