Friday, September 11, 2009

Orchard House Circle

Last week as I was doing the shopping I happened to see these lovely mugs in Woolworths. Now you and I both know if I hadn't bought them that day they would have been gone when I went back next time looking for them to buy.
As I have a weakness for very pretty mugs I thought I would get the cream one, then I saw the pink one and of course couldn't resist it. As the blue one looked like it belonged I had to get it too. That only left 2 cups left so I put the yellow one in the trolley.

Why didn't I get the one remaining mug left on the shelf. Well, it was blue and I already had one blue and that would have ruined the system of one of each colour.

As I was going through the long line at the check out it occurred to me that these could be our lovely mugs for when we have "Orchard House Circle" together.

So the pink is Vellvin's, yellow is Eden's ( it is really an old very rich buttery cream) blue for Autumn and the cream for me.

so as our sick children get a bit better I hope to have time to actually put together the plans and to share with you all.
I know our girls are so very excited and are anxiously waiting for this to happen.


Michelle M. said...

What a lovely idea! And the mugs are beautiful. I love finding random mugs in bright colors, especially since the set that we registered for is completely black. I now prefer more color in my life :)

rox said...

Oh Gae I wish we still had woolworths here ! I miss the olden days ;-)
I like the yellow & pink ! I so miss having girls around here ! Boys do like tea time but it is still not the same .
dd23 and I are trying to make plans to have a movie night once per month though over winter . some girl time is needed around here .
I love your blog it helps me keep the lady in me going Thanks Gae


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