Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our Birthday with Mary

Here are some pictures from our dinner in Honour of Mary's Nativity. We did not get to do much of our plans as we had a lot of sickies still and Myffwyn had a temperature pf 39.8 degrees at it's peak and around 38.8 mostly. So lots of cuddles and sleeping for her as we kept a close eye on her.
But we did get to make the cake and have chicken with potatoes. We even decorated the table a little too. We sang happy Birthday and Corbyn asked if Mary was coming for the cake.....he is very sweet.
All the children who were able, did a little bit of organising whether the table preparations or the cooking so that made it easier with Arwen and Myffy who needed a fair bit of attention.

We also managed to pray the prayers we had planned together as a family ( well without Stephen) and I am pleased we managed what we did.

The cake looked lovely ( Saxon made it and Vellvin decorated it) with white silk flowers placed on top of the white cream. Rogan made place mats while Autumn whipped up the place cards. Moran and Eden picked the lovely Snowdrops for the table and wrapped up Baby Mary in swaddling clothes. Vellvin also strew blue silk flowers over the table cloth for a lovely effect.
Our Chefs for the evening were Eden, Saxon, Rogan and Vellvin who did a great job. Thank you guys for working so we could have this celebration together.

I really enjoy celebrating the Liturgical year with special memories such as this one. My great plans fell by the wayside and we ended up having a very simple celebration but we did "Enjoy the Journey Together" and this is what it is all about.

I pray your own celebrations were joyous occasions for your families.


Jessica Gordon said...

What a lovely celebration Gae!

I just finished baking our cake. ☺ We'll be having it this afternoon since my husband & I will be going out this evening.

God bless!

Annelisa. said...

I think I'll have to get a heart shaped tin and 'steal' this cake for next year!
We went to St Pat's with some friends and gave our lady lots of beautiful flowers and half covered the altar with camellias! All the 6 little boys knelt down and said some prayers and then off to the park for a picnic lunch. Next year we are going to introduce blue (probably cupcakes or something easy and small) into the theme as it is "Mary's colour".


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