Saturday, September 19, 2009

Update on Liturgical Year Resources

When posting about my new work station some weeks ago, I mentioned some online resourses I had printed out years ago.
Kim at Life in the Little Nest found some of the links. I did tel lher I would follow up my own links when I could so here they are Kim. They may not be exactly where I got them but are able to be printed out for anyone interested.

My Nameday-- Come for Desert
The year and our Children
FeastDay Cookbook
The Saints and Our Children
Women for Faith and Family- Celebrating Advent and ChristmasWomen for Faith and family - Easter
Women for Faith and family- Christmas
Women for Faith and family- Lent
Women for Faith and family- Ordinary Time
Family Advent Customs
Christmas to Candlemas in the Catholic Home
Around the Year with the Trapp family

A new one I found while searching The Christmas Spirit
Also this General Site for SO MANY different areas Faith and Family Living..... Catholic Books on the Internet.

These are all books I have and have found very useful in the years I have had them.

I know that for many that having a bound book is much better than printed out copies, but when budgets are tight and this is all you can have I say "that's fine by me".

I hope this information is useful to some people out there.



A Bit of the Blarney said...

Thanks for the info! Cathy

Erin said...

This is great! Bet it was lots of work finding it all.

Jennifer Gregory Miller said...

All my old friends! I can tell you're friends with Erin! This is a good list. True Christmas Spirit is also in .pdf Another good Advent/Christmas book is Twelve Days of Christmas by Elsa Chaney


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