Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blessings and Burdens

As I was looking for images tonight I looked at this one and thought about our days over the last week and how we should view them.
The title for this post is a reflection on our week. We have had blessings and burdens a plenty.
The picture of a Knight going out into the world to fight for good against evil is how I see families and particularly our family at the moment in today's society.
Stephen has had to be our Knight in Shinning armour who leaves his treasured family at home to fight the dragon and care for his loved ones.
The other image of a serene gentle and loving woman is an image I try to be. I pray daily to be all that I can be in my role as wife and mother. I know I have so far to go but this is an image for me to strive for.
So why blessings and burdens. Well as I mentioned in my 7 Quick Takes on Friday we had a buying negotiating for the sale of our house. Little did we know that she was only giving us a 1 hour window of opportunity to accept her offer (she refused to budge at all and really negotiate) She then text our agent after him asking her to consider meeting us midway or somewhere near that value and said she had bought another property for under it's value.

At no time did she indicate that she was looking at another property. As those of you who have bought property know if there is another buyer or if you are looking at more than one property it is a completely different scenario.

In the meantime, literally 1-2 hours we had decided to accept her very low offer and were working out how this would enable us to move on and buy a property ourselves. We had re adjusted our sights much lower and the children and Stephen were just allowing themselves to believe to finally Hope....yes hope that it was finally happening when we got the news that it was all over.

Today also Moran had another seizure. this makes 5 known seizures for the year. I suspect there have been more but I don't know definitely. We are awaiting the results of her 2nd EEG that she had on Monday.
I must admit with all of these issues with Moran and the constant hoping and dashing of hope to be together as a family, I don't always achieve my serenity and gentlness role.

So as we say ~ Moving on to the Blessings.
Well it is so obvious that our family is the blessing and we had a lovely time with Stephen home last weekend.
We sang, we played games, rode in the billy carts and went in the canoes on the dam. It is these times that bring joy into my life.
It is these times we are so hoping to have on a daily basis.
I know that because I am with our children all the time I don't always appreciate the gifts and talents that they bring to our family.
Each child is unique, each child is special and I could see the way they each through their own disappointment was trying to help the others. This is family.

So for my Knight fighting the dragons and to our children learning to fight beside us I want to say I Love you and am feel amazingly blessed to be wife and mother to you all.

Here are some pictures of our Blessings ~
Kynan, Braedon, Moran and Myffwyn canoeing.
Vellvin and Rogan having a go too.
Stephen being pushed UPHILL on the go cart back from the dam.
Eden. Autumn, Corbyn and Saxon paddling away.
Me and Arwen
Moran making a house for her baby.
Autumn and Saxon practising for Autumn's driving test.
Myfwyn and Corbyn playing together.

I had so many other posts to share this week partly done in draft but couldn't put my mind to it. So this coming week I will post on our B week, Orchard House Circle and Colouring that I did with the little girls well as a post I have been working on for a while on Creativity and Ownership.

Sorry if this has been a downer but I had to write it for my own sake.



Cindy said...

I pray that God will bless your family and that your house will sell soon so your family to be reunited.

Tricia said...

I can only imagine how disappointed you must be about the house, and how distressed you must be about Moran. I'll be praying for you, Gae. Every day is one day closer to a resolution.


Erin said...

Your title is so apt, many, many hugs and prayers for you all.

Kelly Casanova said...

Hello Gae,
Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm glad to find yours! It sounds as though you have many trials at the moment, I can't imagine being parted from my husband for more than a few days. Stay strong, trust in divine providence, I'm always awe struck by the way God looks after us in every way. Our family will gladly offer a rosary for your family.
God bless.

Love Bears All Things said...

One of the things that bothered me most when we were trying to sale our last house was: We were able to go on line and read about the showing and any comments made. It was depressing to do so. Some of the things they said actually hurt. Some there was nothing to do about. I knew that God had a buyer for us and when they came, they had only good things to say about our house and garden.
All of us get disappointed and depressed about things. We are human. Even Jesus had times when he had these very human emotions. I pray that things change for the better, soon, for your family.
Mama Bear


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