Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cool Audio Stories

As our children have always devoured audio books we have in the past borrowed from the library everything we could until we have listened to everything they had.
We have also bought as many as we could. However they tend to cost a lot so I am always on the look out for other options

While looking last night I found these 2 (Kiddies Records Weekly and Storyline Online) new audio sites.
The images on this post are taken form Kiddie Records weekly.
This site posts 1 new record each week and has records back to 2005. This is a very comprehensive list of audio that has a wide variety of titles.

We are having a ball downloading anything that appeals to us at the moment and listening.

Kiddie Records Weekly These are BRILLIANT. SO MANY titles. They are really good listening for all ages.
From Robin Hood to Horton Hatches the the egg to Uncle Remus/Brer Rabbit to Bugs Bunny to Rapunzel
These are the coolest of all our children are loving them
Storyline Online These have great Classic Fairy tales and Classic Authors as well as other choices
I have know about these ones for some time now:
Pick the brain
Audio books for Free
Free Classic Audio Books
Focus on the Family Radio Theater
Learn out Loud
Craftlit I think this is mostly for Older/ Adult Readers. I haven't checked it out as to content so you will have to do this.

I hope you enjoy checking out these sites and listening to what ever appeals to you. ☺



~Adrienne said...

Hi Mrs. Onions!

My brothers and I (and Dad) have enjoyed enjoyed a free podcast series called Paws and Tales from Insight for Living. The website is .

If you have iTunes, it's easiest to download them weekly from there. It's aimed at young kids and is quite entertaining. (:


Gae said...

Thank you so much Adrienne
Hope everyone is well
God Bless


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