Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wallaby Trap!

I have shared before how we get these little Wallabies come right up to the side of the house and nibble the grass.
They come each morning and evening and sometimes during the day. Our bush comes up fairly close to the house on this side.
The other day Rogan, Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn wanted to make a trap to catch the Wallaby.
This is what they created.
It had bread inside to lure the Wallaby in and they were sure it would work.
They didn't want to hurt the Wallaby and I am not sure what they would have done if it actually worked but they had a great time setting this up.
All our children have at one time or other set up traps to catch animals and birds. They have wanted them as pets and to look after them. Thank goodness we have not had a success yet.☺
This wallaby is actually a Mother. If you look carefully at the top image you will see the Joey is inside the pouch (the bulgy bit in front of her rear legs). We have been trying to get a shot of the Joey with it's head out nibbling the grass too, but it is very difficult to capture.
Hopefully we will get a clear image soon to share with you.

I am so thankful we have these nature opportunities for the children to enjoy and to appreciate God's creativity and beauty in the world around us.



Kim said...

Wow! That Mama Wallaby is so ... cute! :D We only have elk and deer and the occasional fox around where we live (everything else is too afraid to come into the city - for good reason!).

Greg wants to know what a wallaby tastes like. :X

Erin said...

Laughing and laughing, so precious.

Cindy said...

How sweet! I hope they catch her.

Anonymous said...

God truly does bless us in every way, doesn't He?

rox said...

That is just so cute Gae I think every child has to have built a trap at one time in thier childhood. Our dd Natasha made a ghost trap in the dryer when she was 5yo it involved onion skins & baby powder ;-)


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