Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enjoying the Journey Through October

♥ Faith: Month of the Most Holy Rosary
-2nd Holy Guardian Angels (First Friday)
-3rd St Therese of the Child Jesus (First Saturday)
-4th St Francis of Assisi
-5th St Faustina Kowalska
-7th Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
-8th St Bridget of Sweden
-11th The Divine Maternity of Our Lady
-12th Our Lady of the Pillar
-13th St Edward the Confessor
-15th St Theresa of Avilla
-16th St Gerard Majella
-17th St Margaret Mary Alacoque
-18th St Luke
-22nd St Mary Saome
-23rd St Anthony Mary Claret
-24th St Raphael the Archangel
-28th Sts Simon and Jude
-31st All Hallows Eve
- Put up the Spring Wreath on the door
-Spring Menu Planning~Work with children on ideas for meal plans as well as snacks for the month
-Investigate new and different salads.
-Light spring deserts for 2 times a week
-Revise the cleaning to allow for more outside jobs to be done~mowing, weeding, gardening and whipper snipping
-Keep the firewood for the stove (and the fire, if needed) 3 days in advance at least.
-Update my recipe collection~ delete old ones, put new one in the book. Perhaps even make a new book as the old one is falling apart.
- sort out the clothes from the past year and hand down, pack away or discard ones that don't fit.
-Make the feast day crafts
- make knotted cord Rosaries for everyday wear
- continue making Christmas presents
- make plant markers for the Garden plants
- press the spring flowers and then ;
- make bookmarks from them
- actually sew some Spring/Summer clothes
- make butterfly's from tissue paper, felt and fabric
- sew some doorstop ducks
- knit some ducks, chicks and lambs,
- make a nest from wool and glue ~then;
- felt a bird and eggs for it
- make caterpillar bookmark
- start decorating Christmas paper for wrapping
- make a Spring transparency to go on the window.
- Daily time outside
- Bush Rambles 3 times a week
- Observe where the birds are nesting especially the Swallows on the veranda.
-Plant a "small" garden~ each person can have a small one.
- Watch the tadpoles develop into frogs in the dam.
- Watch for Butterflies and Moths as they start to re appear.
- Choose a deciduous tree and observe the changes with the new growth.
- Go to the beach at least 3 times over the month for Rock Pool Adventures.
- Go to Cradle Mountain for a Spring Wildflower Walk.
- get all the children to make up Christmas wish lists
- Prepare and plan for Christmas presents from us (homemade and bought). If from over seas plan to buy in plenty of time, so research first.
- Prepare for the Feast days ahead of time ~ especially for the All Hallows Eve Party Like last year, and All Saints and All Souls Day as they are so close together and do not allow for last minute planning very well. So be prepared by 20th of month?
- Start the 6 O'clock club again ~ Prayer, Bible Reading, assigned Reading and Exercise.
-Plant a "small" garden~ each person can have a small one.
- Give each child 3-4 herbs to grow and care for and learn the uses for.
- Have all preparation for lessons done the night before
- Start 'school' on time and finish with plenty of play time so we can go outside together and enjoy the Spring weather.
- Continue on with the Alphabet path with the little Girls
- Create daily Rhythms/Pegs to mark the day by
- 5 min tidy ups through out the day and School stuff put away EVERY day.
- start to prepare for the Advent Feast days ~ materials for crafts and meals~ at least lists for plans.
- Set up the Month of the Rosary Display
- Have "the bookcase" set up with the Spring Theme and renew it often
- Change the bulletin board to Spring
- Make sure we do the Rosary Every day
-Keep family altar fresh with changing the linens and fresh flowers (when we have them) and Change Father Pine to match.
- Have a "TV FREE" week, no DVD's (or computer time? perhaps)
- Re-establish the Bible Reading and Chapter Reading (don't be distracted by Hogan's Heroes after Dinner)
-Friday cooking day of goodies
- the last week of the month "Show time" (see Special Days)
- encourage "creative time" especially with little ones at 'happy hour'. Read, Make or Do.
- Spiderwick Study continue with this and create Lapbook with it
- Prepare for "Show Time" ~ practice the items
- Alphabet Path with the Girls
- Catechism of the Good Shepherd presentations
- Science experiments, pick these up again as they loved it
-Craft specifically weekly with everyone
- Keep up with Math lessons
- Learn the Rosary parts off by heart ~The Mysteries, the reading and meditation and the fruit of the Mystery
-Use Catholic Mosaic books for the month
- Start "Orchard House Circle" every Tuesday afternoon
- start to Prepare the Advent study
♥ Special Days:
- 20th SHOW TIME ~ Poetry, Musical Instruments, Mime or short play, singing and science experiment.
- 27th Moran's Baptism Anniversary
- 27th Kynan's Confirmation Anniversary
- 29th Braedon's Birthday
♥ Inspirational Thought:
"I knew when Spring was come-
Not by the murmurous hum
Of Bees in the willow-trees,
Or frills
Of daffodils
Or the scent of the breeze;
But because there were whips and tops
By the jars of lollipsps
in the two little village shops..."
From "The Calendar" by Barbara Euphan Todd

Enjoy your Month

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