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Orchard House Circle Plans

As I have mentioned often the girls and I will be starting an "Orchard House Circle together using Little Women as our guide. The reasons for using Little women is because of the Mother Daughter relationships and the Sisterly Bond that is evident throughout the stories.

We will be having this on a Tuesday Afternoon each week.
I have finally got these overall plans together.

There are two parts to this
1)The overall ideas and resources as listed below
2) A General weekly Plan using the overall plans

I will be posting the more concise weekly plans each week separately after this initial one, if you are interested in adapting for your own use.

We have no time period to finish this and can see it continuing on for some time.

Weekly Outline ♥

~ Tuesday Morning all girls place Calling Card in Sparrow Post box
~ Everyone has read the Chapter from Little Women during the week
~ Assigned Tea Lady collects the calling Cards and places on the Tea Tray
~ Assigned Tea lady gets the Tea Tray Ready with Tea and Coffee and the Tea Time Treat for the week.

At 2:30 pm Meeting Time
~ Pray for our time together
~ Each take turns reading aloud the chapter all have read during the week.
While doing this the others do hand sewing (projects they are working on. eg. Christmas, Birthday or for self) or Mending that needs to be done.
~ The Tea Tray has been brought and Tea, coffee and goodies are being consumed while reading and sewing.
~ After read aloud is completed we discuss the chapter generally. Are they any virtues to emulate? Is there anything we want to do or make from the chapter.
~ Plan the craft for next week from the resources and ideas listed
~ Organise the "homework" for the week from the list also covering 3 areas of achievement
~ do the craft organised from last week
~ Assigned Tea Lady Clean up Tea things and craft
~ Pray together and depart



Little Women
Good Wives
Little Men
Jo's Boys
Under the Lilacs
Eight Cousins
Rose in Bloom
An Old Fashioned Girl
Invincible Louisa-Cornelia Meigs.


Home Education Original 6 Volume Series-Charlotte M. Mason.
A Charlotte Mason Education -Catherine Levison.
More Charlotte Mason Education-Catherine Levison.
Charlotte Mason study guide-Penny Gardner.
The Essential Montessori- Elizabeth G. Hainstock
Montessori Play and Learn- Lesley Britton
Montessori Read and Write- Lynne Lawrence
One to One-Martin Williams.
The Child In The Family-Maria Montessori.
Kindergarten in the Home-Carrie S. Newman.
The Heart of Learning-Lawrence Williams.
Creative Play with your Baby- Christopher Clouder
Creative Play for your Toddler- Christopher Clouder


The Spirit of Loveliness-Emily Barnes.
Time Began in a Garden-Emilie Barnes.
Timeless Treasures- Emilie Barnes.
If Teacups Could Talk-Emilie Barnes.
Josefina's Cook Book-Pleasant Company Publications.
Kirsten's Craft Book-Pleasant Company Publications.
The Anne of Green Gables Treasury-.Carolyn Strom Collins and Christiana Wyss Eriksson
A Little Book of Manners-Emilie Barnes.
The Little Women Treasury-Carolyn Strom Collins and Christiana Wyss Eriksson.
Tea and Cakes with the Saints-Alice Cantrell.
Kits Friendship Fun-Pleasant Company Publications.
Samantha's Friendship Fun-Pleasant Company Publications.
The World of Little House-Carolyn Strom Collins and Christiana Wyss Eriksson.
My Little House Crafts Book-Carolyn Strom Collins and Christiana Wyss Eriksson.
The Little Women Book-Lucille Recht Penner.
Things Happen When Women Care -Emilie Barnes.
The Mother Daughter Book Club-Shireen Dodson.
Lets Make a Memory-Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson.


The Catholic Girls Guide-Father Lasance.
Little Flowers Guide- Ecco Homo Press Along with Jessica's Notes
Christian Charm Course-Emily Hunter.
Home for Good-Mother Mary Loyola.
The ABC's of choosing a Good Husband-Stephen Wood.
Beautiful Girlhood -Karen Andreola.


Back to Basics-Readers Digest.
Home Comforts-Cheryl Mendelson.
More Hours In My Day-Emilie Barnes.
The Hidden Art of HOMEMAKING-Edith Schaeffer.
Baby and Child-Penolope Leach.
Mommy Diagnostics-Shonda Parker.
Laurels Kitchen Caring -Laurel Robertson.
The Candlemakers Companion-Betty Oppenheimer.
The Natural Soap Book-Susan Miller Cavitch.
Sewing with Saint Anne-Alice Cantrell.
The Mary Frances Cook Book-Jane Eayre Fryer.
The Mary Frances First Aid Book-Jane Eayer Fryer.
The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book-Jane Eayer Fryer.


15 Minute Family Traditions and Memories-Emilie Barnes.
The Big Book of Family Fun-Claudia Arp and Linda Dillow.
Eureka Entertainments-Granger Index Reprint Series
Lets Make a Memory-Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson.
Also use the Craft Basket and All Year Round Basket books from the side bar of blog

BRAINSTORMED IDEAS ~ we will add to these as we see fit. They are just an opening creative list of ideas on using this time together. They are just the start of why and what we want to achieve in preparing for a vocation, either single married or religious.

I do belive in preparing for being a Godly wife and mother you are preparing for any other voacationas well.

Tea parties
How to plan a Tea party.
Read Little Women series.
Preparation for vocation in life.
Make a Homemaking Journal
Read a Chapter of group book.
Sew and read aloud at group meeting.
Plan for next week.
Supply of books we will use.
Read do activity and plan.
Make things for Hope chest.
list of achievements.
Life skills.
Project during week in regards to Homemaking,Childcare,Education,Sewing and Craft,Assigned reading,Learn a poem,literature,Health care,Virtues,(Little flowers),Embroider virtue flowers.
Read especially"The Catholic Girls Guide."
Make an apron.
Seasonal stuff.
Calling cards.

Activity ideas
Wit and Wisdom-- Alcott Style


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