Monday, November 23, 2009

Christ The King Celebration

Here is a glimpse of the celebration we had yesterday for Christ the King. We did nearly everything I wanted form the plans I had made.
I was pleased with the little things that we do try to do to bring the Church's Year into real life in our home. Always i think I would and should do more but then I just have to content that the things we do accomplish really do impact our children in the love of the Lord and their Faith.
The Crown cake decorate by Corbyn, Myffwyn and Moran after being made and iced (we use whipped cream) by Eden.
Decorating the Cake
Corbyn colouring the crowns
Moran and Myffwyn colouring the crowns - they loved the jewels
Table decorations of gold cardboard, a holy card laminated and the craft from Jen's blog.
The Holy card. I think this is my favourite picture of this feast day, It didn't photograph well so here is the image:
I love this soft colours of this so much.
Table all set ready for Chicken, noodles peas and corn, snakes (green beans) and little trees (broccoli)
Our Father Pine in white and gold vestments, crowns made from felt, the holy card and gold cardboard crowns and Jen's craft.

I pray you all had a joyous Feast Day



Ruth said...

Beautiful and meaningful activity! Thanks for sharing, Gae.

Kelly Casanova said...

Oh Gae, you make me feel so guilty, another glorious feast day passes us by because I'm unprepared! And it barely rated a mention at our local Mass. I'm amazed how you manage all your responsibilities so well.

Anonymous said...

Gae, it looked like you had a wonderful feastday.
Viva Christo Rey!!!
God Bless C.

Tracy said...

Dear Gae, I love your blog header! Thanks so much for leaving a kind comment on my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog, which I've added to my favorites list. ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks so much fun!!! I was lucky that the CCD classes threw a party with lots of crafts and snacks! I was so happy just to walk through and help the kids, lol. What with Thanksgiving and 2 birthdays in the next two weeks I was glad to let someone else do the work for me... I am so lazy, lol.


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