Monday, November 23, 2009

A Simple Womans Daybook -

A Simple Woman's Daybook 23rd November~

Here is the link to Peggy's who is our Hostess for A Simple Womans Daybook. Hop on over and see what some others are doing this week.

Outside My Window ...
We have had a lot of rain again. This is good for the grass and plants to grow and for the bore water supply. It means though that children can't go outside and washing only dries between showers.
I do love rainy days, but I am a loner in this desire.
I am listening to...
There is only the sound of the stove as it makes it's banking down noises tonight. all are in bed and asleep....for the moment.
I am praying about.....
My dear devoted Husband who can't come home until just before Christmas.
that Kynan gets the job he interviewed for.
that Moran goes well for her two assessments this week.
About dear friends on their building project.
That we can make all the presents we need for Christmas in time.
For a miracle sale of our house.
That both boys get good results for the exams they just finished.
I am thinking about...
Plans for Christmas.
This consumes me at the moment
How I need to be a more loving, gentle, generous and focused mummy. Especially with our challenging children.

I am Reading...
The Out of Sync Child and The Skystone. This is the first non children's book I have read in a while and while the story is good, I wish they would leave the Adult themes out of it.
From the kitchen....
Breakfast ~ oats and cereal. Herb tea and coffee. Toast and spreads.
Lunch ~ a counter lunch or whatever you can grab.
Except the little ones who had a Francis lunch for "F" week
Dinner ~ Original Chicken Gravy Potato Pie,designed and made by Braedon along with beans, peas and corn and bread rolls
Morning Tea ~ Jacks Potato Crisps and Cadbury Chocolate. well a little of each as it doesn't go far divided among 10 people.
I am wearing...
Flannelet PJ bottoms and white t shirt and slippers. Dressing gown comes on and off depending on what I am doing.

Living the Liturgical Year....
All my focus is on preparing for Advent at the moment.
From the Learning Room....
Plans for Advent and Christmas.
Mostly we are following plans from here
We are working through"F" week for the The Alphabet Path
Making Christmas presents
I am Pondering these words...
"As for me and My House, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15. and praying we do.
We have a beautiful plaque of this we have had almost from the time we had children

Around the house...
Get cleaning rosters back online. This is a bold statement, what I actually mean is get some cleaning actually done.
Really focus on Bedtime and prayer routines this week.
I will claim a moment for myself...
Continue making a knitted rabbit for Arwen along with the sewing the Advent Tree and the cross stitches I am working on.

My favourite thing at the moment...
Watching Arwen trying to move about without trying to crawl. She refuses to even look like getting into a crawling position.
Spending time making presents with our children
A few extra plans for the week...
Pick Kynan up form the Airport tomorrow
Take Moran to a healing mass tomorrow, I hope I remember tomorrow.
Take Moran to her appointments
A Goal for Myself...
To put on my happy face and sing to myself and out loud again more.

Picture thoughts I am sharing...
Just some random images this week due to the random thoughts I am having .

I pray your own week will be full of Blessings.Blessings,


Lisa said...

I love reading your blog. I signed up as a follower. I haven't had alot of time to remember the Hearts for Home meme. Hopefully I'll get there again.

Tracy said...

A lovely Daybook, Gae!

The Watts Family said...

Praying for that miracle for you and that your house sells Have a Blessed Day ~Heather

Anonymous said...

Bless you dear Gae,
I find it very praise worthy to read about the many activities and most of all love that you surround your home in. I say this because I know that you long for your husband to be home/ or the sale of your home so that you and the children can find yourself closer to him. And yet even as we read how you miss him- you've still mustered up the strength to keep singing. May the Lord honor and bless this and continue to bring joy to your heart and home as you await a permanent reunion with your husband. Thanks for being an inspiration to us ladies.
Happy Thanksgiving!


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