Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Heart of the Home ♥

I have started reading The Catholic Family Handbook again. Now this is a book for all Christian mothers as it has a wealth of encouragement and inspiration in it.

I have found that when I read some of these books we own for the second or third time I get something new from them or I just remind myself of why I loved it in the first place.

I thought I might share from this as I read it.

Here is a passage I was drawn to yesterday.
"As the father is the head of the family, the mother is its heart.
Just as Pope Pius XI speaks of the father as 'strong in faith and manly in virtues' he speaks of a mother as 'pure and devoted.'
Else where he says, 'As the father occupies the chief place in ruling, so the mother may and ought to claim the chief place in love.'

And this:

" It is difficult for a child to be better than his home environment or for a nation to be superior to the level of it's home life.
In fulfilling its double purpose - the generation and formation of children - the home itself becomes a little world in itself, self sufficient even its youngest years. It is vital that you, as a mother or father, make of your home a training ground in character building for your children, who will inherit the world's problems. Home is a place in which the young grow in harmony with all that is good and noble, where hardship, happiness and work are shared.

Home should not be just a place. rather, it should be THE place. All else should be 'outside.' Home should be the centre of activities and interests. It was built for births, courtship, marriage and death. It is maintained so that children might grow, trained by precept and example - so that they will develop spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, just as they do physically."
I pray that this has been an encouragement for you in you chosen vocation of Motherhood ♥


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Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
The Catholic Family Handbook sounds as if it has some wonderful words of wisdom. ☺


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