Friday, November 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday 13th November

I decided I liked the idea of listing 7 things form the week that just happened and did not necessarily need to blog a whole post on.
AS my life seems so random and out of control at the moment that is what you get this week-- total random thoughts.

So for my 7 Quick takes this week:

1. We have been eagerly awaiting the DVD release of Night at the Museum 2. We loved the first movie of this.

Last night we borrowed this as a new release, we were able to get it for 1/2 price so it was a bonus.
We thoroughly enjoyed it. There are so many funny characters.

2. I love English deciduous trees. When we went to the "Monkey Park" on Monday with the little ones, part of the park is an English type garden look.
There are many Oak, Maple and Birch trees and others I do not know by sight but love them. Some are over 100 years old and exactly the sort I would love to have in my garden.
We also got very close to the ducks in the pond and saw the most enormous goldfish ever.

3. I am contemplating how to fit in all the plans I want to create for Advent and the items I want to make.
I am trying to get my head around a virtually no bought Christmas presents. Has anyone any ideas for this? Especially for the Lads.

4. I was so pleased with how easy it was to make the laundry soap this week. I was surprised when I read it took 3-4 days to thicken as I had to go and buy some powder to take us through till then. I am sure this will be a huge cost saver though and am really pleased we made it.
Rogan was my right hand man for this and actually grated up the soap for it.
Thank you Rogan honey I enjoyed working with you.

5. Today I took Moran for her hearing and vision screening test. This sounds so simple right, well we had a few 'minor' problems but managed to get through it all finally.
She doesn't seem to have any real problems here, thank God.
However I also learnt that her MRI could happen in 2 weeks if she only undergoes oral sedation. I don't think this is an option for her and we have to wait for at least February next year for her to have a General Anesthetic and obviously admission to Hospital for this procedure.

6. I am thinking about how when our little girls say they want to go shopping with me they always only mean grocery shopping. When I need to run errands to to other shops they don't think we have been shopping until we actually go to Woolworth's.

7. One of the things about reading books for recreation is that I find that I can get out of the reality of our situation for a short time. Honestly I don't think this is actually a good thing but the idea of constantly reading information about home schooling or Moran's issues or even Mothering (as much as this is a favourite topic) is actually kind of wearing.

Wow this one is a total downer, sorry. I did say it was random this week didn't I?

Well that is all I have for this week. I Pray you all have a blessed and happy week.

For more inspirational 7 Quick Takes please visit Jen at Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.



Marie said...

I think fiction can be a total wonder -- and it's a balm I too often forget about. A bit ago I formed a theory (I always form my little theories) that the deal with fiction is that you get to enter lives of other people, which brings sympathy and compassion and also reminds us of what our own beliefs and priorities and stumbling blocks are. We need other people to learn how to love better and we need to know people to know God -- but me knowing all about my neighbor's ups and downs, well, that too often for me falls into gossip. Some can do it well, but for me and I suspect I'm not alone, knowing all about other real people only makes me competitive or insecure or catty. So fiction is kind of "practice" for me to develop empathy?
Or maybe that's just my excuse. . . . !

Ginny said...

Hi Gae, thanks for the comment on my blog. We are planning a homemade Christmas for the most part as well. It's so easy to think of things to make for my girls, but I am having a hard time coming up with things for the boys. Please post about what you figure out! So far all I've got is new knitted hats! I don't think they'll be too excited about that.

The Watts Family said...

Hi Gae thanks for stopping over at my Blog~ What a beautiful Family you have. I will definitely be praying for you an your family moving and buying and selling right now is a very difficult thing and we have done much of that the last few years. I enjoyed your random thoughts~Blessings Heather :D

Gloria said...

My boys really like to have slippers. I'm going to try to find an online pattern to sew them some. Of course Christmas for you is in the they have a sling? My boys like playing around with theirs and they are super easy to make. I hope you all have a blessed advent and a happy Christmas!~Gloria JMJ

Unknown said...

We also loved "Night at the Museum". A very fun movie! Definitely bringing history to life! lol

How cute that your little ones don't think you are shopping unless you go grocery shopping! That is too cute! :)

I so enjoy my visits to your page! Have a lovely weekend!

Tracy C. said...

Hmm, lots on your plate right now Gae. Prayers for you and your kiddos!

My kids like to go shopping to the grocery store too. I think it's primarily because the bakery gives them free cookies!

Simple Home said...

Hi Gae,
I absolutely love visiting your blog. It always inspires me. My boys didn't have robes, and they wanted some. I actually bought mine, but that was just because I saw some for girls in a shop in the mall and went in and asked if they had them for boys. She said they did, but hadn't gotten them out yet. I asked how much and it was a very low price, so I was interested. She came back and said they were actually quite a bit more, but since she quoted me that price, I could buy them right then for that amount. I knew I couldn't make them for that, so I bought them. Of course it's not a toy, but one idea for gifts.

Collette said...

My sister's boys once made a PVC marshmallow-shooter for my son that he *loved*. It was made of 1/2" PVC pieces (shaped like a gun) which they painted & decorated. Instructions are pretty easy to find on the web...I'm thinking about surprising him with another one this Christmas as he lost all of the pieces over time!

Kelly Casanova said...

Actually Gae, I think maybe being engrossed in a good book is a great thing and a real boon to Mums. We need a bit of time to ourselves in order to take a fresh look at things.
Just had a look at your slideshow with my 4 year old, you have a truly beautiful family. We loved the baby pics.


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