Thursday, November 12, 2009

Orchard House - Circle Week 3

♥ Once again the girls and I gathered for Orchard house Circle. As we have not been able to meet for a couple of weeks we didn't follow the plans we had organised and revamped them to suit where we are at the moment.
♥ Of course we read Little Women out loud together, each taking turns. This is such a delightful time together without anything else. I treasure this time listening to each of the girls reading and the differences in their styles of reading.
Vellvin was the Tea Lady this week and had prepared Strawberries and cream, savoury and sweet cheese with crackers, along with some bought little cakes I can't remember the name of.
Of course the work baskets were brought in as well as notebooks and the 2 Little Women books we are using.
After working out our plans for next week we decided the work baskets needed tidying of past projects and new ones put into the baskets. We had a few half finished projects put on the back burner for now as new ones have come to the fore.
Autumn with her basket, not too much in here yet. Lots of beautiful fabric bought a few years ago that she can't bear to put into a project yet.
Eden with her many projects. She has my habit of having many projects on the go at once. She does eventually finish but likes the variety of choice---- as do I.
Vellvin with her smaller projects as well. Some to go away too and some to be retained.
These are two of my Christmas projects:
The cross titch is beautiful but has a long, long, long way to go. Perhaps it will be finished by next year.
This is an advent calender countdown I started, hm mm, I ma not sure how many years ago. My guess is maybe 12 years ago. Totally embarrassing when I put it like that.
Well all I need to do is make the calico tree shape and sew on all the heart pockets and decorate it.
Not too much!!! ☺

The homework the girls were given for the week consists of ~
♥ An A3 page layout using sketched designs and fabric samples for summer clothes.
♥ Design the dividers for the Homemaking Folder they are creating.
♥ Start some/one of the clothes from the A3 design layout, using patterns and fabrics we have on hand.
♥ Start to make the St Nicholas stocking items we are making for this years feast day.
♥ Browse our Christmas and craft books for ideas for Christmas fillers and create a comprehensive list.
♥ Finish any reading from the last meeting.

♥ Next weeks plans ~
Read from the Little Women Book
Autumn is the Tea Lady- menu to be decided.
Work on St Nicholas items while reading aloud
Embroider the Sunflower Virtue Award on to a Sampler.
We are doing this instead of the Little Flowers version as I want the girls to have a sampler at the end of our study as part of the skills they have achieved.
Read a story of on the virtue of Faith.



Anonymous said...

oh how lovely! I love it (((smiles))) what a precious time with your girls!

Sarah said...

What a gorgeous, lovely scene! I wish I could come to tea at your home!


Unknown said...

Lovely, as always, Gae! I really enjoy reading about your Orchard House Circle.

Lillian said...

Is this something you just do with your own girls or with a group of friends? I love the idea! Maybe I can do this just with my girls.


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