Friday, November 13, 2009

The Tyre Swing

When we had the tyres changed on the car recently
I had the presence of mind to ask if we could keep one of the tyres for a tyre swing.
Little girls together.
Saxon trying it out
Vellvin swinging up fairly high.-- below.
The children have always wanted one and we have not had a tree or a swing to support the idea.
Having the tyre dose not immediately mean you have a tyre swing though.

Last week Kynan put up the tyre swing for the younger children. Yea right. for the big boys too.
The modification team
It is now a pulley system
Up you go Rogan
There have been a few modifications since and lots of calluses on the hands as this new activity consumes out door play.......for a while at least.Hoisting Moran High
And of course Saxon has to have a go.

I love seeing the children doing these sort of things together. Theses memories for the future as they are Enjoying the Journey together.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What a wonderful idea for old tyres! It sounds as if they all had fun.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ruth said...

It's always a joy watching children having fun, right? Your kids are brilliant to have thought of making that pulley, and it worked all right!


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