Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poor Box Toys Inc - 1

Well, this is the first installment of "Poor Box Toys Inc". These are some of the pictures of the organisation of the Workroom and the start of our Adventure into making the gifts.

As I share please remember that these are gifts made by children for their special siblings.
I would not want anyone to think we are a terribly creative or talented family. Most of us do love to create and we do a lot of craft for our own enjoyment.

Please,do not expect to much of us. ♥The Workshop welcome sign and the running tally of items people are working on. This is obviously when it was just put up.The children, minus Kynan and Braedon (who were chainsawing wood) with the Badges I made for them
Badges are so much fun. We have a quote from an old Marx Bros Movie At the Circus, where Chico says to Loophole "you can't get on withouta the badge." This is a very funny skit and we often quote it.
So we had to have badges and no-one can enter the workroom "withouta the badge."All ready for work
Renovations of the library room to accommodate creative materials.Shot of the whole room with some of our materials ready to go.Boxes of felt and fabric, along with a basket of craft books.Sewing tins, wool felt and knitting wool and needles.The old school table with more craft books the sewing machine that Eden uses brought down from the loft.Basket with wool fleece inside. On top plastic containers with embroidery floss, wooden beads of various sixes and the same in another but varnished. Also 2 boxes of curly fleece for dolls hair etcSaxon working on walnut boats.Autumn knitting socks.Myffwyn colouring the top of the spinning tops. I was amazed at how well these spin.Rogan cutting out capsicum for the felt pizza.Moran colouring in spinning tops too.Eden reading instructions for her fleece mouse.Vellvin sewing around the felt pizza shapes.The spinning tops. These are so cool to spin. They go forever. Considering they are made from a toothpick, a bead and cardboard they are very very well....spinney.
Everyone wants one in their bag. It was lovely to see something so simple was what everyone wanted to make sure they get one.The felt pizza on a covered cardboard plate.
Vellvin and Rogan made felt food last year for the younger ones for Christmas. It is a very popular part of the kitchen ware that the little ones play with often.
Felt mouse. Too cute!Walnut boats courtesy of Saxon.

One of the fun things was starting to do this together, minus the older boys. I think we spent about 1 1/2 working on project. I am knitting a rabbit for Arwen and we sat and talked while we worked.
It was interesting as the children worked how they said "Oh, I hope I get ....... in my bag."

I am planning on keeping you updated with more items as we make them and hope that you will be encouraged by our sharing this adventure with you.

I have been encouraged and touched myself by the comments left about our "Poor Box Toys Inc" in my The True Meaning Of Christmas post. I want to thank you for this as I was a little concerned about posting as I mentioned. I am humbled and thankful that some of you found it useful and uplifting.



One More Equals Four said...

What incredible ideas and creative children! I love the pizza--my kids would have a ball with that! Unfortunately they have a creativity deprived mama and as a result a pitiful supply of craft items!

I would also love to learn to knit. I tried when I was young and couldn't figure it out...maybe now that I'm older I could catch on?

Kim said...

Gae, I LOVE those gifts! Your kids are so creative and just so resourceful ... but I'm sure you already knew that. ;) I had a little giggle about Autumn knitting socks - I tried to learn to knit but it was a disaster. I think it was because I am left-handed and all the knitting books and people are right-handed.

I'm planning on borrowing some ideas (like the tops!) and letting Elise do them (and her brother) when they're a bit bigger. :D

Erin said...

Love your presents:) You are all so creative. The mouse is so cute Eden.

Anonymous said...

That felt mouse is adorable! Good work you guys!

DonnaMarie said...

We loved looking at the pics of your projects! The children and I are working on our own projects too!
I love simple Christmasses...they are full of joy and not stress..And all of our thoughtful gift making and decorating helps us to enjoy that slow preparation with great anticipation of the great feast that advent should be!
LOL...I keep forgetting that you are in the opposite season that we are...we are rather bundled up at the moment but wish we could be comfortable with summer clothing!!

Judy Dudich said...

THIS IS MARVELOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just want to HUG all of you!
Thank you for this inspiration and these WONDERFUL WONDERFUL photos...your son's concentration and determination is SO endearing as he works on his craft!!!
These ideas are fabulous!
Can't wait to make spinney tops!
(Question: where does the bead go? On the under side? Is it glued?)
Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!


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