Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our List Ideas for "Poor Box Toys Inc"

As mentioned in my The True Meaning of Christmas ♥ post we spent time making a list of gifts.
These are some of the things we came up with using our craft books, these are mostly on my side bars.

A great online resource for ideas with patterns is Wee Folk Art.
This is a great place and their patterns are FREE with great instructions.

We are still coming up with ideas as we work and adding to the list all the time.

stained glass windows
paper flowers
stick animals
sun dial
paper doll chains
paper hats
walnut candle boats
ankle bells
fan for hot summer days
decorated candles with wax
tin can lanterns
Decorations-paddle pop stars, hanging angels, little paper lanterns, hanging pine cones,wooden Christmas candle holder, home made crackers, dolls house furniture and accessories.
matching fish cards
soap molds
wooden bread boards
wooden trays
hot mats
ice cream stick people
doll hammock
soft hens
cardboard box shaker
wooden boat
little raft
wooden car
sand box
knitted rabbits
felt book cover
simple dolls
dolls swing
dolls sling
dolls backpack
felted scented mouse
walking men
marble run
felt horses
tumbling men
fun felt fruit
hobby horse
marble maze
pompom bee
leafy lantern
pipe cleaner nest
pipe cleaner tree house
pipe cleaner fairy log
pipe cleaner fairy swing
pipe cleaner basket bed
felt food
little boats
finger puppets
bubble pipe
doll house people
bull roarer
parachute people
wind wands
wind car
felt balls
pompom grasshopper
pipe cleaner lily pad and flower
pipe cleaner toadstool
pot holders
making costumes
knotted wool rabbits
scented sachet's
stage props
doll clothes
star children
short picture books
felted cat,penguin,brown bear,fox,robin,mice,sheep,welsh corgi.
knitted pony
knitted dog
knitted Ent from Lord of the rings
fairytale puppets
felt wee folk
may day daisy crowns
stuffed animals-donkey,fox,bear,camel,elephant
little bean bags
pull along toys for Arwen
Toymaking with children-doll with body made of felt.
knitted duck
felt mouse
stockings with stuff in for dolls and Teddy's
felt jester
put together basic magic kit
hand puppets
skirts and other clothes
door theater curtain
little treasure packet
spinning top
cards with moving figures
finger knitted play cloth cords
bubble mix and bubble wand
pop up men
woolen dolls
rubber band guns

I hope these will be of help for gift giving ideas.



The Watts Family said...

Thanks for sharing we love making gifts for Christmas and you have passed on some wonderful ideas ~Blessings Heather

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Some really wonderful ideas! Thanks! Cathy

Erin said...

Wow, comprehensive list.

Anonymous said...

awesome list!!!


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