Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A White Christmas?????

Every Year I go through the same thought processes.
Why Can't I live in the northern Hemisphere?

I love the whole winter theme with Christmas, it just goes together for me.
But we have a summer Christmas!
At the moment we live in a relatively cool climate during summer, but for most of my life I have had hot, humid Christmas's.

Although I love Christmas and all the traditions of our family surrounding Christmas and even though we do so many wonderful things I still long for the perfect Winter, snow filled Christmas.
I am not ungrateful for our lives but have you ever seen a Summer Christmas as depicted as the typical, classical Christmas.

My dream wish that has nothing to do with my Faith or Family is to have a Northern Hemisphere Christmas with all the trappings. All the preparations. To spend Advent and the Christmas Season in a Winter Wonderland fantasy.

So when I see an image like the one above....well I just start wishing.



Anonymous said...

It is funny really, but I think I have only ever had maybe two White Christmas's in all my 35 years and spent the whole time up here in the Pacific Northwest. I often feel the same way as you, wishing for a cozy white Christmas... but then can you imagine trying to go to mass when there is a foot or more of snow?? Maybe it wouldn't be as great after all... :)

Kimberly Lottman said...

Sweet Gae,
Keep in mind that at least in the U.S. only the upper northern and New England states typically get a white Christmas. I am 48 years old and have not had a single white Christmas! I grew up in Texas (now in Virginia where there is a better chance), and Christmas was always hot and humid! I remember many a childhood christmas playing outside without so much as a jacket on!

Hugs to you,


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