Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Advent in our Home

I thought I would add a bit more about the special items that we have to help us focus on Advent and the preparation for Christmas.

The wall plaque above is my favourite as it shows Mary adoring her sweet baby son. The gentleness of this reminds me each day what a special gift is the gift of children.
This is a mix I only use during Advent and Christmas. I make up the mix from dried oranges pieces (I dry these in a very slow oven), whole cloves, whole nutmegs that have been crushed in chunks and cinnamon sticks broken up. I put a scoop of this into a small saucepan with water and gently simmer all day. The aroma from this is just lovely and it spreads through out the house
Some coloured light and stockings hung up on the banister.
On the TV cabinet is the Advent spiral and a Nativity scene. I love this nativity, well in fact all this type of ornaments (whose name escapes me at the moment, dull brain this week.)
Our Mystical Rose Mary looks so lovely with these two arrangements too.
The mantel piece in the Lounge room has our PREPARE letters, along with the three angels of Faith Hope and Love, the Babushka dolls once again just seem to fit in perfectly. Our Pascal candle for the year also stays here.
Along the bottom we have our star path that Mary on a donkey and Joseph travel alon each day. As they proceed to the next star it is taken off the floor and stuck up on the wooden mantle pieces. the stable is full of barn animals and the cloth behind is a star background.
A closer view of the star path with St Joseph, Mary and the donkey traveling to the stable. The wise men are waiting in the wings (on another bookcase) ready to start the journey on Christmas day.
Close up of Mary on the Donkey with St Joseph leading her.
Some special fold out Christmas books and three Snow men.
The small nativity we have had since Braedon was a baby.
The altar arranged for Advent in purple cloth and a small advent wreath. We keep it fairly sparse for this "little lent."
Our only 'light up' feature. i have always wanted a village to light up and last year we were able to buy this small one for a huge saving.
On top of our Kitchen Mantle ADVENT and some other decorations.
Saxon whipped this up for me in a couple of hours, finally coming through on my IOU from last years Christmas present (from another person). In the past we have filled the stable with the straw we use to soften the bed for baby Jesus.
At the end of each day each of us is able to put in a piece of straw from the box for every good dead done or sacrifice made or for extra Advent prayers or trying to grow in our relation ship with God. Some of these are personal attributes each of us are working on as a gift to Jesus on his birthday.
A cross stitch/embroidery and patchwork panel I made when Eden was a baby.
Another Cross stitch with borders I made when Eden was a baby. I seemed to make so much more back then. Sigh.

Well I think that is all we have achieved so far this Advent. I pray your own preparations are bringing you much joy as we prepare for the coming of our Lord.



Cindy said...

Lovely decorations for our Lord.

Allison said...

It really is lovely, but I must say the banister is just so enchanting!


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