Thursday, December 10, 2009

Craft Basket Wednesday

Thnk you to Amy Caroline for hosting Craft Basket Wednesday this I am enjoying being part of this.
Well I have been working on these over the last week and have actually completed them as below.
This giraffe was inspired by Nadja at patch of Dirt Farm. I fell in love with it and made my version from hers.
These two dolls are a copy of one made for Moran years ago. I have wanted to make one for ages and decide to make a twin pair for Arwen.
They are very simple to make and the dresses are actually sewn on to the doll.
Here is the Giraffe finished. All the children love it and can't wait for Arwen to get it on Christmas.
This is the doll finished, I haven't finished the other one yet. We gave Arwen this for St Nicholas Day and I am really pleased with it. Since starting to post this we have managed to loose'Tansy' which is the name of the doll.



Kim said...

I love it! They are SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...


the giraffe is so pretty! I especially like the ribbons on the neck :)

The doll is just plain adorable.

Thank you for sharing,


Anonymous said...

How cute. I got some new fabric this week. I can't wait to get busy crafting. You have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

You are the clever one, aren't you? :)

They are so cute!

Have a great week,


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