Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saxon and Vellvin's Birthday in Pictures

Well finally I am getting to this post.Sorry Saxon and Vellvin you have been very patient.
The day was a very memorable one that we all enjoyed. I especially enjoyed going to the movies with Saxon and Vellvin to see the Christmas Carol. None of us have ever seen a 3D movie before and it was very cool. Arwen was a perfect angel and after a feed at the start of the movie promptly went to sleep in my arms and stayed asleep during the whole movie.
Once again Autumn's homemade pizza was the requested meal of choice
Table set for Breakfast with the King and Queen throne together at the end of the table, or perhaps I should say the Head of the table.
Birthday bags and birthday Seasons table.
Seasons table decorated by Rogan
Birthday ring in the middle of the breakfast table
Crowns for the royal couple
The room all ready
Banners on display
Closer up of the decorations

Birthday chalkboard by Eden
Happy Birthday royalty
Opening presents together
A very big surprise ~ Eragon's Guide to Alagaesia Both Saxon and Vellvin are HUGE Eragon fans.
A present for you!
Skirt from Mama for Vellvin
Check out those 3D glasses guys. Are they cool or what....well not really.

Saxon and Vellvin wanted to have a Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian party. So most of the children dressed up for the evening meal for this.
Rogan as Kahmunrah
Moran as Amelia Earhart
Myffwyn as a cowgirl
Eden as Octavious
Vellvin as Jedediah
Corbyn as Jedediah too
Saxon as General George Armstrong Custer. If you knew Saxon this would be quite evident. Act now think later-- is his motto.
Autumn as Amelia Earhart as well
The Cast of the Movie
The cake - The cast of the movie are in the Smithsonian Institute viewing an exhibit of Star Wars
Dinner table ready
More cake photos
Candles for both of them
I'm on fire
Blow the man down, sorry blow the candles out
Now for the Birthday ring.
Cutting the cake and making a wish. Hey double prizes.

Happy birthday Saxon and Vellvin we hope you had a lovely day.

Love you always


Kim said...

Happy birthday, Saxon and Vellvin! It looks like it was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
What a wonderful birthday celebration! Thank you for sharing a very happy time. :)

Have a great weekend,

Ruth said...

Hi Gae! You're blessed with lovely children and a wonderfully happy family. I assume Saxon and Vellvin are twins, am I right?

Gae said...

Dear Ruth,
No Saxon is 2 years and 11 days older than Vellvin. However they are very close and share a lot of the same interests.
This year they decided to share their birthdays on the smae day. They really enjoyed having another birthday person to share all the joy of the day.


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