Friday, January 8, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday 10th January

I haven't done one of these for a while and thought I would get back on track. Here are my 7 Quick takes:

1. Today I finished Halt's Peril. Although most of the readers in our family have read this a while ago, yes straight after we got it. I have been immersed in other books.
I really enjoyed it and once again we are waiting for the next one to come out in November 2010. Anyone want the preview on the back of the book?????

2. Speaking of books I am determined to get through my own reading list this year. I have started with A Charlotte Mason Education by Karen Andreola as I am in the process of preparing plans for the School year to start on February 1. It is so enlightening to read a book that you have read before. Coming at it with some new perspectives and even some experience can change and enhance how you read a book. I have found it very refreshing and a kinda back to where we started experience.

3. The children and I were brainstorming today trying to fine tune what the older ones can achieve this year and what areas they would like to cover. Autumn, Eden, Saxon and Vellvin will all be very independent this year and be very motivated to cover their chosen plans. I have added some extras I would still like them to cover but we still have room to negotiate. Along with the reading list they have already put together I believe they will cover a lot this year.
This is all still in my notebook at the moment but I will be putting the final plans when they are ready on my Learning Blog.

4. I cannot believe that we still have a baby with no teeth. Arwen will be one this month and still not a single tooth. This is unheard of in our home. Kynan had his first tooth by 5 months and a mouth full by his first birthday. The other children also had a veering degree of toothy smiles. But not Arwen she smiles at us with the sweet gummy smile still.

5. I have been trying to implement a 2 hour "Brushing therapy" with Moran as recommended by the OT on Tuesday. This involves using a special 'Therapressure' brush and brushing on her arms, legs and back along with some gentle 'pushing' of her joints of elbows, knee and shoulder.
We have been advised that if we are committed to this for a 'period of time'-- not specified, that it will produce permanent change in her 'defensive sensitiveness'.
I just need to buy a timer so I can keep on track every 2 hours. Amazing how fast 2 hours can go isn't it?
Of course the other children want to have a turn too.

6. Holiday mode is such a wonderful thing in some ways and in others it really stops you from achieving things. Sleeping in is something the early birds in our home never do, but they are now. I think this is in part due to the build up to Christmas and having Stephen home for Holidays. The only exception are the older boys who have to leave for work at 6:30 am. They think the idea of a family breakfast is a good one, me i am not so sure yet. Maybe after the holidays boys.

7. I have only been to town to run one errand this whole week. I took Moran to the OT and we got a few extra groceries. Apart from that I have not been outside the house. I am so pleased.... well until I remembered we took Moran for her MRI on Monday and Stephen to the airport. But I definitely think it is still better than usual. Partly because I had a menu plan AND all the groceries for the meals.

Well that is all I have for this week. I Pray you all have a blessed and happy week.

For more inspirational 7 Quick Takes please visit Jen at Conversion Diary I am sure you will not be disappointed.


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Nadja said...

My Una was nearly a year old before she got a tooth! She walked around the same time.

I usually leave peoples typing errors alone, but there's one in number 7 you have to fix please!

I find learning plans so daunting. And I am sick of trying to tweak our curriculum to suit everyone. Marilyn's most recent post said something very wise about it not being what you use, but the time you spend with your kids that will make the difference.
I do hope that it is so!


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