Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday

Well I do have some items to share this week. Last week just by passed me and so I wasn't able to share our Marionette we had made. Our time has been so busy that I haven't been able to get my computer person (aka Braedon) to put the photo's on the computer.Here,however is the Bunny Rabbit I FINALLY made for Arwen's birthday (a late gift) I have spent a lot of time this week helping others make gifts for Arwen instead.I really am not happy with this bunny. It just didn't seem to go together right even though I followed all the instructions to the letter. The children seemed to think it amusing that I didn't like this Bunny when I had finished. It is rare for me not to like something I make and truth to tell most of the older kids...well they laughed at it.
So to be honest in my "blogging life" I am showing my embarrassing bunny!!!!
I am going to share the other gifts that were made for Arwen later if anyone wants to check in to see what we made for her.

Interested in other peoples Craft Basket's then why not pop over to Knit Together where Amy Caroline is hosting this weekly meme.



Anonymous said...

This is one cute bunny :)



Paper Dali said...

Hi, there! I'm visiting from Amy Caroline's blog. What a cute bunny that is. Totally sweet and soft-looking. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to!

Lena said...

That's my type of bunny...I'm allergic to all 'living' animals. :)


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