Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Love of Reading

Rogan has been our reluctant reader over the last few years.
He learnt to read later than some of the other children and I was fine with that knowing when he was older he would just fly with his reading.
Then it occured to me that Rogan didn't dislike reading, he just didn't love it.
When I was trying to work this out I realised that it just hasn't been a priority for him. You see Rogan is very creative. He makes things all the time. He is always sewing toys for siblings, creating cards, posters and whatever comes into his head.
If he is not doing this he is outside observing and being part of nature.

When you are in the throws of exploring nature and creating delightful gifts, drawing and painting and when you are putting all that energy into these things there just isn't time for reading.....YET.I have always enjoyed capturing this moment, the moment when a child is immersed in a great story for the first time. I still remember exactly where and what position Kynan was in when I got a photo of him engrossed in a book, well Motor Bike Magazine for the first time.So on Monday Rogan was totally into a book we got second hand for a 12 days of Christmas gift.
If anything can excite young readers I am convinced it is Enid Blyton Books.

All our children have read them to varring degrees when they were young readers and FINALLY Rogan has discovered them too.

What a great day for Rogan and a reading household. Welcome to a lifetime of exciting adventures.
Congratulations and enjoy the wonderful world that is now yours through the world of books.



Cindy said...

We all have our styles of learning, don't we.

Erin said...

Welcome to the world of reading Rogan:)

Kelly said...

My dear , read the blog -Meditation from the Cardinal Nest - by Ruth !
At January 7 post ,you will see one amazing story about one amazing sister .She`s looking for founds to feed some hungryes childrens .
I just thinking how i can realy help !??
I pray that Joy For All will minister to it's visitors
and will encourage and bless everyone in some way.
We can identify with the disciples. At times, we have
a tendency to focus on the things that are going on around us instead of the One that is in control of all things. When that happens, reality may seem overwhelming, and the problems appear unsolvable. However, we must realize to be fearful
is to lack faith in God and in His provision for us. True faith focuses on God, not on the things that are happening.
Psalm 139:11-12
If I say, surely the darkness shall fall on me,
Even the night shall be light about me.
Indeed, the darkness shall not hide
from You, but the night shines as the day,
the darkness and the light are both
a like to You.
in Jesus love >>

Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Our children also loved the Enid Blyton books. :)

My son now won't read anything but biographies, but he's reading lots of books for science this year, and they aren't biographies. :)

Have a great week,

Unknown said...

How wonderful! :)

Anonymous said...

My children loved the Enid Blyton books! The Famous Five and Back to St. Clare's, etc., are still on my shelves. I like them too. :-)


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