Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday

This week in between sick people and nursing duties and while trying to get back on track (with the well children) with lessons I have been painting, finally our Alphabet of Saints.

I have put this off for over a year for a couple of reasons. The first was I wasn't happy with the style of wooden people I had and I kept wanting to get the other rounder type I have used in the past, like in our birthday ring. However with our financial situation I couldn't justify spending money on these when I already had another type on hand.
Secondly I really am not a painter. This is something I have never been confident in doing. In the past I have usually gotten our girls or even the older boys to do this.
However I really wanted to this myself so I finally tucked my ego in hand and started.

I did have a good example in Jessica's saints to follow as well as Blair who have both been following the Alphabet Path and have made some beautiful Saint's for their children.
I also used An Alphabet of Catholic Saints to guide me as well.
So for the moment I have completed these Saints. I started with St Francis because that is where we had just finished our Alphabet Path with ( I really need to post on D,E and F week yet.)
Needless to say all my plans have been built up from the original ones from Serendipity. I use these as a starting point and then add our own ideas and adapt them to suit our family.

So from left to right we have:
St Francis of Assisi, St George, St Helen, St Ignatius and St Joseph.
Here we have St Kateri Tekawitha, St Lucia, St Martin de Porres, St Nicholas, St Odilia and St Patrick.
These are the same but with a side on view of some of the saints.

I am actually surprised by how much I am enjoying doing them and am pleased with the way they are turning out. In fact I am using every spare moment to do a little bit is a bit addictive.
I do want to finish though as if I leave it I may not get back before I am up to the next letter.

Therefore I plan on finishing the Alphabet and then going back to do the saints form A-E (as we have already completed these weeks.)

Don't forget to visit Amy Caroline for more Craft Basket Wednesday crafts.

So what is in your Craft Basket this week?



Erin said...

You are so clever!!
BTW where did you get the people from Windmill?

Anonymous said...

My Darling,

You are so very clever....they look great! I am sure I will have a lot to look at when I get home on Friday evening.


Stephen XXOO

Jessica said...

Your saints turned out lovely Gae! I'm so glad you had the opportunity to paint some for with the Alphabet Path! I'm sure your children will love them just as much as my children love our painted saints!

God bless,

Katie said...

These are beautiful; what a treasure, truly.

mcchatty said...

I think your painted Saints are wonderful. We have an alphabet of felt and clothespins- made just like the apostles. YOu are very talented.

Sarah said...

These wooden saints are wonderful, Gae! I would like so much to make a little set for my kids, but I can only do so much ;-) One day, I hope ...

Thanks also for sharing all of the Lenten reminders you have beautifully displayed throughout your home ... Very inspiring!

God bless.


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