Sunday, February 7, 2010

Loving Learning all the Time

Last week I mentioned in our favourite books reading for the week on Friday that Myffwyn and I did some activities based on one of these books.
The Potato People has been a favourite for us for a couple of years now. We have read it often and love all of Pamela Allen's books.

When we have read this before I have had requests to "make a little old man and a little old woman" like in the book.
So reading it last week we decided to give it a go. What joy she had in making such a simple craft from a favourite story book. Sometimes I forget just how little it takes to keep our children happy.

Myffwyn then had to put the little old woman and little old man on the window sill - like in the book and every day she checks to see if they have grown 'horns.'
Myffwyn all excited to be making her 'little old woman and little old man.'
All the makings to make the little old woman and little old man
The finished potato people.
Here they are on the window sill waiting for 'horns' to grow and then planting in the garden.



Jillian said...

Hi Gae,
Myffwyn is so blessed to have a Mum like you! :D

Have a wonderful week,

The Watts Family said...

Oh how sweet!!! ~We have another potato book that we love called I think it is called ???Potato Prints I can get the specific name and author if your interested ~ you can make wonderful art with potatoes ~Have a blessed day Love Heather


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