Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tea Talk

I am delighted to be able to share with the other wonderful ladies Tea Talk that Ruth Hosts each week.
This is my small edition for the week...

I'm having.... a white instant coffee. The brand we have is Nescafe (sorry for not responding last week Amy) and a glass of ice cold milk. My mugs are a peter Rabbit version of Jemima and a white rose mug with pink trim.

I'm feeling....
excited about the opportunities for spiritual growth during Lent.

On my mind....
the mission of being a Mummy. I am always inspired by re-reading old favourite books.
Once again I have been reading Seasons of a Mothers Heart ~ by Sally Clarkson. How I wish I could have been to one of her seminars and heard her talk.

Thoughts for this week....
From Sally
" My joy isn't dependent upon getting my house as orderly as I would like, or upon getting the things we don't yet have in it, or upon getting all the schooling done, or anything else on my To Do list. My joy is dependent upon my relationship with my Lord, and our celebration of this life he has given to me."
"Christianity does not give me an easier life, but it does give me a better way to live. it does not make me a happier person, but it gives me a reason to be joyful. The joy of the Lord- born of the hope of eternal glory- should be the mark of every true believer."

Thank you for allowing me to have tea with you all.
I pray you each enjoy your own "Tea Talks."



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful quote Gae!

There is nothing like the joy of the Lord to keep us in tune with HIM :)

I really have to get that sounds quite encouraging.

Blessings to your day dear friend,


Ruth said...

Hello Gae,

It's lovely to share tea time with you. Thank you for sharing those beautiful thoughts from the book you're reading.

That's another cute mug you have there.

Have a lovely day!

P.S. The list is now fixed.


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