Thursday, November 10, 2011

Google Shared Items Anyone????

Like some others in the blogging world I was disappointed  to discover that my lovely little Google Shared Items was not able to be well.....shared anymore.

While not keeping mine as current as some friends I knew it was always there and I could keep tabs of what I was liking about others blogs. Because frankly there are a lot of blogs I like and and are inspired from and I often don't get to comment on a post that has tweaked my interest or encouraged me and I could keep keep it in my thoughts t by putting it in my shared items. Sadly now this is no longer an option and I am looking for  another way to do this.

Now I know also that some are trying out new ways of sharing items and most of these seem a trifle hard and complicated to organise. I also remember suggesting to Erin that we could share on Pinterest, but again it means a more complicated way of doing this.

However after discussion today I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a weekly Shared Items Post that we can leave a comment on or a linky too. Perhaps this is no less complicated than the other versions but I am just thinking out loud here.

So, I would be happy to coordinate if anyone is interested! Let me know if there is a need or interest in this please and I will follow it up.

Or if you have a super easy way to get my sharing happening again let me know.  I just know I am going to hate moving all those blog addresses to another site ☺

Blessings to you and your homes,


Lady Linda said...

Hope you get things figured out reading your blog.

Erin said...

I'm in:)

Lillibeth said...

I got my share feature back. I already had a public "shared items" box on my blog sidebar and now shared items appear there again.

I wrote about it here:

It worked for me really quickly, and brought back the ever useful "share" button!

-Mrs. Humphrey from The Pleasant Times

Chareen said...

Hello Gae

Love the idea of sharing posts together :) Could I use your pretty graphic in this post ?

Here is a list of shared posts I put up recently:

and another

Not sure on a weekly one.

Gae said...

Dear Chareen,
Yes I was going to use this image for the shared items if anyone was interested and make a little cod for it. So yes use it please.

Dear Erin,
Knew you would :)

Anyone have a favourite day for this to happen on?

Dear Lillibeth, I will give it a try thank you but will still open up the idea of a shared weekly event


Trish said...

Hi Gae,
If you decide to go ahead with the shared item link idea, I would be interested in joining you.
I hope you work out a solution to your dilema!
It must be so frustrating.

Chareen said...

Thank you Gae. I've already added it in :)

I think a Friday would work as it's end of the week and we can add in what we have found on line.

Anonymous said...

Ohh Dear Really ExlentYours Blog.....

Erin said...

Probably earlier/mid week would suit me, as I already have linky parties Friday/Saturday. then again if you pick later I'll just write earlier the next week and be late to the party:)


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