Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path........ Week D

It seems so long ago that we did D Week of along the Alphabet Path. (My plans always start with these from Serendipity and then I adjust to suit us by creating my own plans for our family). In truth I have been negligent in sharing there seems to have been so many things to do.

As we start our new year of school I thought I had better catch up here.
Well as I get back to this review of D Week we are almost at the end of G Week so my mind is a little rusty on what we actually accomplished.

So it will be a briefer overview that normal.
Our Alphabet D Pages of books
The books we used relating to Dragons
Some books about Ducks
Various D books
D is for Dance books
Dinosaur books also for D
D Saints, Musicians and Artists
Our St Dominic ( he is an after thought as when we did D Week I hadn't finished him. But I wanted to put him in anyway)
Moran and Corbyn "Dressing Up" - great D Week activity
I helped Rogan make up a little game for the song we sang" Five little Ducks".
The ducks are paper cutouts and coloured in stuck onto paddle pop sticks.
There is a slit in the cardboard that the ducks travel to go "over the hills and far away".
The D sound pouch
We played various Domino games.
Dragons featured in play this week.
Dressing up again
On an excavation. Digging for Dinosaurs.
All the Dinosaurs found
A very friendly Brach
Working on the work sheets.
More working
Examples of the work
Myffwyn's work
Moran's work
Corbyn's work
The finished Donuts we made
Paper Dolls
More Paper Dolls
Dinosaur Stickers were very popular
Very happy sticker girls.

Well that is our round up of D Week in our home. All I can say is that we had a Do-Dandy week!!!


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Dear readers,
This morning when I was moderating my comments I accidently rejected someone's comment.I was bumped by a child and didn't even get to see who it was to email or speak to .
So if you were that person it was not deliberate and if you would like to comment again I would be pleased.
Once again SO SORRY ♥
God Bless


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