Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Craft Basket Wednesday

Well this past week I have been busy finishing my Alphabet of Saints. I finished up to Z and then started back at A and went to E.
So we now have a complete Alphabet.

Did I mention that I have loved painting these. I think my painting skills have progressed as I went along.
Anyway here is the rest of our collection.
Q : Queen of Heaven(Mary), R: St rose, S: St Sharbel, T: St Therese, U: St Ursula, V: St Vincent de Paul
W: St Wenceslas, X: St Francis Xavier, Y: St Joseph Yuen, Z: St Zita
A: At Agnes ( In the book it was St Anne but we really wanted St Agnes and as we are already past A...well that is what we did), B: St Bernadette, C: St Cecilia, D: St Dominic, E: St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Sts Joseph Yuen, Agnes, Bernadette, Cecilia Zita and Wenceslas from the back
This back view also has Sts Ursula and Lucia and Rose from the back.

After this I gave them all a spray with a lacquer to give them a more lasting finish. I actually like the shiny look it gives them, but didn't take a photo.

Don't forget to visit Amy for more Craft Basket Wednesday crafts.

So what is in your Craft Basket this week?



Erin said...


Gae said...

Dear readers,
This morning when I was moderating my comments I accidently rejected someone's comment.I was bumped by a child and didn't even get to see who it was to email or speak to .
So if you were that person it was not deliberate and if you would like to comment again I would be pleased.
Once again SO SORRY ♥
God Bless

Gae said...

Thank you Erin
I really enjoyed doing them

Amy Caroline said...

These are great Gae!!! Yu have done such a good job!

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

Love these! You did such a great job! Last year I made a bunch of nun and priest peg dolls along with some altar servers. My daughter played with them like the nuns were mommies, the priests were daddies, and the altar servers were their kids. Sigh. So for now I've just been making regular family peg dolls. Maybe we'll be ready for some saints soon. lol! :-)


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