Thursday, March 4, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path ........ Week E

As I am actually on a bit of a roll now I am posting our E Week that we did way back in November 2009.

So here goes, once again it is a long time to remember everything.
Our St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Lovely Bees Wax along with some EGGS in a basket.
E pages for the Alphabet books. Obviously we read ffrom these books and talked about the sounds that E makes as in the plans for E Week.
We also used the Sandpaper letters we made and writing in Cornmeal as a sensory exercise with the letter. We actually do this with all our letters.
Some favourite E books
Books from one of my favourite Author Illustrators Elsa Beskow.
Myffwyn colouring in some pages. Kimberlee's Eat Nicely page on top.
More colouring pages.
Holding up the Elizabeth Ann Seton Paper dolls from Paper Dali
Here they are nicely dressed.
Linking Elephants to play with.
Excited about Scissors
A collection of worksheets
E sound pouch.
Working on an EGG craft.
Here we made some Eggs that open and had a little chick hatch out.
Finished Eggs with chicks. The children really love this one.
Once again another EGG craft. I made with Rogan's help ( He loves helping with the craft activities) a wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on and of course "have a great fall" from.
Moran playing with Humpty Dumpty.
Peeling Eggs for EGG sandwiches made by Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn.
Just prior to squashing. I won't mention the mess this made will I!!

I could say our E Week was a very EXCITING week but that would be over doing it wouldn't it.



Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

Hello, I’m just stopping by to say thanks for your continued participation. I have you listed on my “Favorite Places” page at my blog. Hugs! Katherine

Impatient Griselda said...

Wow! I love the alphabet weeks--what a lot of fun it must have been to put things together for your kids. I may have to steal some of those ideas. I especially like the Elizabeth Ann Seton doll!

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae,

What a terrific way to teach!

Thank you for sharing...I especially like the Humpty Dumpty :)

May the Lord keep you In His Perfect Peace,


Gae said...

Dear readers,
This morning when I was moderating my comments I accidently rejected someone's comment.I was bumped by a child and didn't even get to see who it was to email or speak to .
So if you were that person it was not deliberate and if you would like to comment again I would be pleased.
Once again SO SORRY ♥
God Bless

Vee said...

Thanks for showing a pic of the Paper Dali doll. : ) Would you mind if I posted the pic at Paper Dali? Of course, I'd link to you ... Either way, please email me at to let me know.

And your Alphabet Path posts are so cute (ok, more than those are!). Thanks for the inspiration. I need to get going and do such things with my little four-year-old ...

Blessings to you and your family!

Gae said...

Dear, Vee,
Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.
By all means please share our little effort. I love your paper dolls and have used them with the girls for other days. I just keepl forgetting to photograph them.

Vee said...

Thanks, Gae! I just posted it. Too cute!


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