Friday, April 30, 2010

Autumn Bulletin Board

As we are really starting to get into Autumn season here I am really enjoying the many traditional things we do each year. The things that the children can count on each year.

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons and I can never decide which one I love best.

This is our current Autumn Season Bulletin Board.
Sometimes we add new things and sometimes we just reaarrange the items from past years.
I really enjoy displaying the seasons and looking at this daily as it is in our family room where we spend a lot of time during the cooler months.



Gardenia said...

aren't traditions wonderful. you take out the bulletin board and assemble it and all the memories of years past come flowing through it! happy autumn! we are celebrating spring here,

The Mayo Family said...

I have come across your blog & been blessed! I also shared it with another Momma.
Please help us out from the USA, here in Wisconsin? Where are you that it is "Autumn"? We are so curious?
Look forward to visiting more. Have a blessed day.
Blessings~ Lori

Prairiemaid said...

Hi Gae,

Thank you for coming by and commenting on the prairie maid. I have visited your "spot" before, but it has been a couple of weeks....I remembered when I saw the names of your beautiful children and your movie list!

I also love fall, along with spring. I enjoy summer, but kids seem to pull me through winter while I kick and scream...just kidding, but it feels that way! LOL

Love viewing your Easter pictures. Looks like everyone had a lovely time!

Wasn't your husband having to work in a different location and you were hoping to move soon? Forgive me, if I have confused you with another blogger. Praying that (whoever it was), God is in the process of answering those prayers.

Please come back and visit whenever you can. I home school 4 boys, 6 to 14, plus one of my granddaughters (10 y/o). Maybe we can arrange for our children to exchange post cards or something. That would be fun.

Blessings & hugs,


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