Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Table 2010

Here finally is a look at our Easter Table.
every year I prepare an Easter table for our Breakfast Meal. It really is our highlight compared to our Easter Dinner.
This is due to the fact that most of our special celebrations are 'dressed up' for breakfast as a start to celebrating the special day.
As Easter is the hightlight of our Liturgtical year as Christians I like to go 'all out' as they say.

On with the show~
Liturgical Bookcase
Seasons table
All Year Round Wreath with hanging butterflies and yarn balls
Egg tree with needle felted Eggs on it
The Allelua out of it's hiding place and the crown of thorns now has a beautiful flower tribute.
Father Pine with a Gold Chasuble and a statue of the Good Shepherd as well as a bucket of decorated eggs and more decorated eggs in a vase.
Our Paschal Candle for 2010 made with decorating wax on top. Cloves for the 5 pints.
Very quick to make.
Season's table again. Autumn decorated this.
Our Breakfast table all prepared.
Part of the Center piece
Easter Baskets with the items displayed. I posted about how to make these here.
Our Family altar with it's white linen for Easter Season.
Our Easter bags all lined up. We re-use these each year as well and only replace them when they are torn or damaged beyond repair.
Kynan, Braedon and Autumn were the first to have these when Autumn was a baby and they still have the original bags.
We also have Easter Bags filled (well partly filled) with chocolate Eggs and traditionally a Cadbury Easter Bunny. If we have nothing else the children insist on this Bunny and no other brand will do.
Quality over quantity is our motto with chocolate and we are HUGE Cadbury fans here. That's no surprise is it?

So finally I have completed this even if you all are past Easter posting. I still have a coupl emore to go.



Unknown said...

Everything is just lovely! Thank you so much for your friendship and encouragement! I appreciate your comments on my blog and the help they send my way! I am blessed! :)

Anonymous said...

Gae, Easter is truly a wonderful and very special time of year.

Some Christians have chosen not to celebrate Easter, but I rejoice in our risen Lord, knowing that He died as a substitutionary sacrifice in my place. Why wouldn't I want to celebrate this season?

We, too, are Cadbury fans here, although we bought blocks of chocolate this year, as they are much better value. It was what our children requested - I think that they are learning the value of money. :)

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
Love Jillian ♥


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