Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Land of Counterpane OR Sick Day Tray

When Saxon was sick with Pneumonia we made up a tray of interesting things for him to do as he recovered.

For years I have loved Mrs Sharps Traditions. It was one of my first books on bringing traditions and the value of those times into our family life.

One of the interesting things I have enjoyed being but into practice about his sick time was that finally we could do some of the ideas suggested from this book.

In our society today we tend not to have the dreadful illnesses that our ancestors had and so it is rare I find that we actually have a child 'convalescing' in bed.
Our favourite R.L. Stevenson poem of: The Land of Counterpane has never been able to be conducted in our home

Some of the reminders I have as a 'check off' for sick people ( I am not naturally a good nurse)
1. Lovingly care for those who are ill in our little family...lots of hot teas, Milo's and honey and lemon drinks.
2. Make sure they have lots of comfy pillows and quillows
4. Keep up a supply of tissues, cough drops etc for the ones in need.
5. To read quiet stories while keeping special ones company.
6. Make up a 'supply tray' to keep sick ones occupied when no-one else can be with them.
7. Remember in the hub-bub to remember to pray for our sick ones as well as those helping to care for them.
8. Share lots of time reading to all. Even though thy are not sick
9. Make soothing things to eat that help the body heal and warm the heart with love.
10. To provide a clean environment for the sick person. Tidying up the room, straightening sheets and smoothing the quilt or covers.
11. If well enough to eat- to bring in on the breakfast tray. Of course we need to make it pretty with a lovely cloth, flower in a vase a bell for 'waiter' pick up and nicely arranged food on pretty plates.
12. Try to find time for me to sit with the sick child and just be there for them. Take some craft or knitting etc to do while maintaining a bedside vigil
This is Saxon's tray.
It consisted of~
Lokulus game
The Games Board Map Book
Puzzle books - both word and maths
St Joseph matching cards
Small Starwars puzzles
Walkman for lots of the story tapes we own
Bible quiz cards
Cover your tracks game
paper and pencils

All in all I think he quite enjoyed being the one recovering. ♥



Cinnamon said...

That's amazing! I have Mrs. Sharps book too. But I think I have a holiday traditions book which I absolutely love as it's full of old fashion ideas!

I am going to copy your list and paste it up as a reference for how to care for a sick child/adult. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gae,
Ooh, can I be sick in your home??? It sounds like a wonderful way to be sick! :)

Have a wonderful and blessed week,
Love, Jillian ♥

Praying that Saxon will be better soon, although if I were him, I should be sick for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

my mom....was such a comforter when we got sick. ( I actually would looked forward to getting sick!0

she would prep the couch with sheets, blankets warmed in the dryer and our pillows. She would place a small trash can near us. A small table with our drink, tissue and play our favorite movies.

GrandmaK said...

What grand ideas! Wishing you well, and thank you!! Cathy

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ideas, Gae. Praying Saxon will recover very soon.
I had a child that was down for a month. I liked him in his room, nice and comfy, away from being able to spread germs to the rest of us, but he kept wondering down to the sofa in the living room. :-)
So, we made him comfortable there. :-)
Warm blessings,

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness- who wouldn't love being the one recovering at your house? :) How lovely. Thanks for sharing.

olivia said...

Great blog!! I find it very interesting and inspiring. Are your family close to moving yet? I pray it will be soon
God bless

Gardenia said...

your post brought back memories of my cherished childhood, and how my Mom puffed up the bed pillows for me, kept my room clean and airy, would bring me lunch on a tray, etc. Yes, those days of convalescence in bed are almost nonexistent these days. what a wonderful tray of items you had for Saxon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae,
I'm with Jillian...If I ever don't feel well I'm getting directions to your place...lol...

I hope & pray Saxon is feeling better, My DH had pneumonia a few years ago, It came on so fast the Drs. were surprised, He is a farmer & fit & healthy...usually...He never EVER complains about any thing but he did say pneumonia was dreadful & painful.

Take care, God Bless,
Hugs Robyn


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