Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path -- H Week

As we are traveling through "I Week" now on our Alphabet path it is time again to see what we did on "H Week". Once again I did not cover all we wanted on the plans for this week however here is an example of what we did.
These are the work sheets we did to keep in our folders. Most of these have direct links to them in my Planning post on "H Week".
The extra things in the picture are the Hats I drew for the filling in of the H and h. We also traced around the children's hands and then did left and right.
The pictures above are Corbyn's
These are Myffwyn's work sheets
Some of Morans worksheets. She really loves colouring and copying so she has multiple copies in her folder.
St Helen from our Alphabet of Saints Collection.
These are the H, h's I drew and the hats to be coloured in then cut out and glued on the letters
The finished hat H's
Our books on Horses
Honey Bees books
House books to read as well
Our Little House Picture Book Collection as well as the interesting ones on craft, cookbook and Laura's life.
Random H books we like to read.
These are Australian wildflowers Common Heath and Blue Leaf Heath. Both of which we have on our property in season.
Our new blackboard round up of the letter for review.
Moran H Cuisinaire rods work
Or course HATS are a fun thing in H week. So paper hats for everyone.
Some of the paper hats made out of newspaper. Quick and fun but they were played with for days.
Moran proud of her hands picture.
From our H Sound pouch.
H made out of Play doh this week.
H play doh for Moran
Where would we be without Hearts in H week. Did you know I love hearts?
Moran showing us her heart.
Hearts are great cutting out practise for Corbyn.
Drawing hearts everywhere.
We made people out of our Heart shapes. This is Moran's
Rogan had to join in as well for this one.
And again. "This is better than Spelling" says Rogan
H made with our wooden shapes
Hedgehog is a lovely snack to eat. The recipe is in our " H Week" plans. Our children love getting this from the bakers for a special occasion and we have tried a couple of recipes but this is closest to what you buy.
Cookies of H shape, hearts and honey bees as well as I (so I didn't have to do it next week)
Ready to put in the oven. This is Corbyn's tray he made.
Myffwyn's tray ready as well.
Some of our cookies after being cooked.

So with that I will say a fond HI and goodbye.


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The Watts Family said...

How very nice...I think the Letter H is my favorite week and I am not just saying that because my name is Heather well okay maybe I am partial to that letter hehehe The pictures were wonderful and your creativity outstanding ;D ~Blessings Love Heather


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