Thursday, May 13, 2010

Making Juggling Balls

One of the things that is lovely in our family is to see the 'old favourites' come time and time again.
All our children have at one time or other loved the idea of juggling. Juggling with balls obviously but also knives, plates, fire and other dangerous items. Needless to say balls is the agreed upon choice in our home.
I managed to pick this book, Juggling Fun up at our local $2 shop a couple of months ago.
It has many interesting tricks and ideas to lift the skill level of any new juggler and the instructions are easy to understand as well.

Here is a quick tutorial on making juggling balls I snapped as Autumn was making some on the weekend.
All you need to make juggling balls are balloons, rice, plastic freezer bags and a measuring scoop or scales and some scissors.
Cut the top off a balloon. You actually need not the cheapest ones but a better quality as they tend to break.
Measure the amount of rice into a freezer bag. It is important to use some guide, either weight or cup size so the balls are about the same size.
Twist the bag tightly---DO NOT TIE A KNOT
Push the plastic bag (do not tie it up) into the cut off balloon
The bag completely inside the balloon
Place another cut balloon over the top covering the hole
Cut holes in the 3rd balloon so you can have a visual effect of differing colours
Place the third balloon on top to finish and voila you have a completed juggling ball.

Needless to say these make excellent gifts for family members and it keeps the children out of the fruit basket, doesn't it Saxon!!!!!!!!


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Adrienne said...

They're so fun. I knew them years ago as stress balls. =) I just found one while cleaning out one of my boxes the other day. A variation on it is to use flour instead of rice and it gives the ball a different (softer) texture.


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