Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ascension Day 2010

♥ Yesterday we celebrated The Ascension of our Lord at home.
We used some of the ideas from our plans and then adapted others into the day.
As we were building Igloo's for "I Week" as well our creative talents were divided and we didn't accomplish all we wanted.

♥ For our meal we simply had "Heavenly Pasta" with a tomato based sauce and then had our Cloudy Sky Sweets.

♥ Here are some of the activities we had and the crafts we made~
♥ WE always make these for Ascension as they can be run through the wind and create a wonderful effect.
All they consist of are some crepe paper in strips tied around a stick, as you can see the sticks are just odd ones form the back yard.
♥ Arwen with her Breeze catcher
♥ Last year our Table decorations were as follows~
--Green tablecloth with glitter and stars on the cloth.
"The stars on the green cloth show the connection we now have between heaven and earth because of Jesus' ascension. The flowers show that Jesus' words and works are flowering even now on earth."-- The big book of Catholic Customs and traditions.
♥ This year we had a blue table cloth depicting the sky and had Jesus on a wooden pedestal with fleece on it to symbolise clouds with the Apostles and Mary standing below looking up at Jesus as he Ascended into Heaven.
I used the same figures I had made for the Cenacle Presentation as well as Mary from our Alphabet Saints.
♥ View form Jesus as he Ascends into Heaven.
♥ We also made Parachutes to also capture the air theme of Jesus and Heaven
♥ They work really well form the loft flying down to the Kitchen.
♥ Lots of fun with these in days to come still.
♥ Our Cloudy Sky Sweets
♥ Cloudy Sky Sweets meets Jesus and the Apostles and Mary (and dirty dishes in the background)
♥ Some of the colouring from the day.
♥ Our Cloud cake with Jesus on top ....Ascending.
♥ We also made fluffy clouds and windmills to replace the Easter theme on our All Year Round Wreath.
♥ Paper windmills just cut out and tied up and hung from the wreath.
♥ Fleece balls teased out to be fluffy and hung up as well.
♥ Miniature Paper kites. These were my favourite thing to make. Everyone has one to keep as a reminder of the day.
♥ Simply glue 2 paddle-pop sticks together to form the cross shape.
Cut out newspaper in a square and trim to fit.
Tie wool/sting to one end of the cross shape for the tail and the other at the cross to use for a pull string.
Cut crepe paper and tie it on to the string.
These really were a big hit with the little ones
♥ Arwen scooting across the lawn with hers trying to fly it.
♥ Are we going to run or not?
♥ Corbyn and Rogan with theirs.
♥ Corbyn, running as fast as he can.
♥ " I am just taking a break form running Mummy"
♥ Do you like my kite?
♥ Rogan giving it a great go!
♥ All of them enjoying the running and flying of kites.

I pray your own Ascension Day was a happy and Holy one.

♥ Just a brief word on our crafts etc. It is with a thankful heart that I am able to say "we" when I talk about the things we share. Our children are mostly involved in the making and cooking of our Feast Day activities with me.
I would not want to give the idea that I do it on my own. It is a family affair with the older girls (Autumn, Eden and Vellvin) and Saxon and Rogan helping the most.
So thank you our sweet children for helping to create the memories we have ♥ XXXOOO



Gardenia said...

Dear Gae, you had a wonderful leasson-filled celebration. I do like the little apostles and Jesus in the cloud. and those delightful desserts. My little one's sttention does not always last until the completion of the lesson plan or craft, so sometimes I finish it up. Other times, we come back to it later when her interest returns.

Tiffany said...

Hi Gae~ Your day looked delightful...or should I say, "Heavenly!" Love your cloudy treats and cake:) God bless your beautiful family!

Amy said...

What a wonderful day. So many good ideas I'll pack away for next year! What a wonderful atmosphere for the children to grow up in.


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