Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rogan and Moran's Birthday in Pictures

On the weekend we celebrated both Rogan and Moran's birthday on Pentecost Sunday.
Rogan had waited a long time for his Daddy to be home to spend this special day with him.

We had a very excited pair of children and the weekend with Daddy home was so lovely.

It was a lot of work doing double items for this birthday and I was a little tired after the preparation phase.
We celebrated our Feast of Pentecost on Monday and I hope to share our fun with you soon on this celebration. Another big day for us as well.
Autumn made this very cool present for Moran.
Some Gold nuggets and Samantha (from the American Girl series) money. Autumn also made Rogan some of the juggling balls that she was working on earlier in the week.
The gold nuggetts were rocks that were spray painted gold.
Rogan's breakfast table set with the gold throne and birthday crown and painted saint and card.
Moran's breakfast spot with the purple throne and birthday crown and saint and card.
Seasons table with the birthday bags all packed.
Seasons table
Rogan with his favourite Saint Joseph Yuen
Moran with St Dymphna a special saint for her.
Rogan's crown. I love the little people. Autumn says they looked like jelly beans.
Moran's birthday crown with flowers painted on
Saint Joseph Yuen and St Dymphna
Back view of the Saints
St Dymphna Along with the picture to keep
Saint Joseph Yuen with his picture
The Great Room ready for the Birthday celebration
The very excited birthday children
Special home made cards form brothers and sisters
One of the presents for Moran
A CD player for Moran- a very appropriate present for our Music girl
Digging into the bag
Rogan's main present and pride and joy --little Flopsy bunny
At the end of the unwrapping
Flopsy in her new home along with Cupcake (our kitten) and Callie (our dog)
Once again I painted a birthday plate. This time I am finally happy with the result and used the right type of paint.
The boys plate
Moran's trampoline cake with Kelly dolls
Happy Birthday Moran
Blowing out the birthday ring candles.
Rogan's turn at blowing out the birthday ring as well.
Moran cutting her cake.
Rogan's Stegosaurus cake
Ready to blow out the candles
Happy birthday to our special Rogan and Moran. We enjoyed celebrating the day with you.

Lots of love always,

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Cinnamon said...

I love everything about this birthday party!! What creativity!

Cute cakes~ Great simple gifts~ cool crowns~ perfect plates!

Thanks for sharing~ Cinnamon


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