Sunday, May 30, 2010

Star Wars Day

The children were very keen to have a Star Wars Day on May 19th as it is 5 years since episode 3 was released.
WE had missed International Star Wars day on the 4th.

We made some plans for the day that included Dressing up, food and making light sabers (even though we have made them before and still have them) as well as some puzzles and colouring pages.

Because they love Star Wars so much that our children have started a Star Wars blog A Galaxy Far Far Away. They are just starting it and adding things as they go and time permits.

Here are the plans we had worked out for the day:
1. Dress up as a character form the Movie Series.
2. Watch a Star Wars movie
3, Play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
4. Play tar Wars Monopoly and the mini Trivia game
5. Make light sabers from scratch
6. Have Light saber duels

More 'schooly ' ideas to do:
1. Make a Star Wars flag
2. Make a word search
3. Make a Star Wars Character quiz cards using books we have
4. Colour in pictures
5. Draw your favourite character
6. Write out a mission for the Jedi's to to
a) in flowery Star Wars language using Star Wars terminology etc.
b) and in understandable everyday language

*Blue Fizzy drink --to represent Jawa Juice in Attack of the Clones
* Heinz fruit sticks -- to represent Death Sticks in in Attack of the Clones
* SAO biscuits -- to represent space survival food Luke has in The Empire Strikes Back
* Rice-- to represent food from Tatooine
* Fruit--the fruit from The Lake District on Naboo in Attack of the Clones
* Chocolate cakes with pictures form the old and new trilogy.

Some links we found for ideas for fun:
Colouring Pages - I think this has the best variety
Colouring pages
Colouring Pages
Colouring pages
Luke and Leia Paper Dolls and outfits
Online Trivia Game
Star War's site
What's your Star War's name- I would do this with the children (not alone)
Star wars name and title - same as above

This is a post I did last year when the children were making Star Wars lightsaber handles in more detatil.
Saxon as Obi-Wan
Vellvin as Anakin
Eden as Padme
Rogan as Count Dooku
Corbyn as Darth Maul
Moran as Ventress
Myffwyn as Luminara Unduli
Corbyn as Darth Maul
Corbyn and Moran's masks were made from paper plates.
Corbyn chiseling back his light saber
The children made light saber's from Tea-tree Tree's
Eden using the vice and sanding her light saber.
Everyone working on the light saber's
A light saber duel
"Jawa Juice"
"Death Sticks"
Fruit as "Fruit"
"Space Survival food"
Umm, I cheated and bought Woolie's mud cakes and cut out pictures form the Internet. Yea, pretty slack I know, but I had had a long day.
Another version of light saber's. This time one of our broom handles.
Painting the light sabers (all were painted even the Tea-tree ones) in Jedi and Sith colours for each person.
The children had a very good and fun day, well two days as we didn't cover all in one day.

May the Force be with you!!



Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. What I love about reading your blog posts like these is the amount of creativity that goes into it on your part and your children's part.


Gardenia said...

oh wow. what a production. you are very creative in your costume makings! I love them. I will have to check out the links you provide. coincidentally, last night, Star Wars I was on tv and my daughter saw it for the first time. she was loving it -- especially C3PO. At only 3 years old, she's the youngest star wars fan I know. I love your new blog button. I just copied it for my blog!

Kendra said...

Too fun! We have some big StarWars fans in this house too, in fact we just picked up a StarWars game from Toy World for 10 dollars. It's similar to Ludo with a few extra twists. I love all your ideas, the boys were thinking of inviting an uncle over for a StarWars night so many ideas to consider now! ;)

David. said...

You do realise that one day your kids future employers and girl/boy friends will stumble across this stuff. Not fair.


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