Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home Improvements?????

I wonder if any of you have watched this TV show. We own a few of the seasons of this and have enjoyed the laughs of the incompetence of Tim.

Last night we watched an episode with our visitors, who I am sure had not seen it before.
It was about Jill, the wife complaining about her husband's shaving mess in the sink and him saying to her he would put in a double sink for her to reduce the problem.
To make a long story short, 17 days latter the house is a disaster and she not only doesn't have a sink, but no running water as well as the disasters that have happened over the last 17 days.

Before our visitors arrived Stephen had noticed that our pump kept coming on even when we were not using water. This he suggested could only mean there was water running ....somewhere.
As our visitor is a very very good builder his services were almost immediately put into service.

On the first day they crawled under the house and found not 1 leak but 3 from at least one rat.
They ran into town to get the equipment they needed to fix it and came back and fixed it.
Of course they turned the water off for this and we had no water for hours.

They investigated further after this ( I can't remember why) and found a 4th leak that required running back into town for supplies to fix this. This was a t 4:45pm in the afternoon. The speed limit I have heard, just now, was not adhered to.
Of course this one was more difficult to fix and needed yet more supplies to fix and a very new tool ( the cost of purchase is a trade secret only available to those who were there)This of course you know means it is EXPENSIVE.
We are now running into the time of day know as the "Happy Hour" inside and failing daylight outside to go under the house. Bring out the big halogen lights now.

Finished finally but to late to check the other work. You Know what is coming, don't you?
This morning checking out the leaks the last and most expensive to fix is GREAT but the other three, big drum roll here were not.
So guess what another trip to town for MORE supplies.
Again the water was turned off, we were given some notice for some of the day and we couldn't work out why we still couldn't get water to fill up the jugs for drinking water.
This can only mean that our water tank is empty. Call up the 'water man" and see if he can come IMMEDIATELY.

While we are waiting for the water man our " Tim and AL" go up into the roof to fix the hot water problem we have had for...oh well ever since we moved in. We had the plumber from ....!
As we are getting ready for dinner and waiting for the water man, someone notices the water dripping down into the family room. This means that it has come from the ceiling of the roof cavity down into the girls room and down to the family room.
We rush up ( well I hobble as I am supposed to be resting my back) and discover the water on the floor having come through the ceiling down into the wardrobe through the girls clothes AND etc etc.

Are you tired of this yet? Because, yes there is more!!

In the quest to find all these leaks I now have three holes cut in my pantry wall, to find the leak, which was then found 4 metres to the left, as well as part of the cladding on the wall outside off.

Perhaps you can see why I refer to the Home Improvements show.

Only tomorrow will tell if we have been successful or whether we can beat the 17 day record on Home Improvements



Kim said...

Hidee-ho, neighbor! We used to watch "Home Improvement" ALL the time. I had a major flashback when I saw the beginning of this post. I do hope and pray you can get everything finished and NOT beat the Home Improvement record.

angie said...

We too, used to watch this when it was on. It's not funny though when these things do happen in real life. We have done our fair share of home projects and once in awhile, crummy things like this do come up. The frustration and expense of these surprises is almost unbearable at times and you end up laughing and crying at the same time!!! PRAYING your water problems get fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gae! I hope there is not more to the story tomorrow! This is an ordeal needing much prayer, dear friend. :-)

Try to have a nice weekend!

Gardenia said...

one thing leads to another, isn't that so? oh my, I do hope (and pray) you get things wiped up and back to normal. good thing Stephen is back home!!! :)

Cinnamon said...

OH my!! That was funny, well not funny, funny, but you know ;-) Yes we use to watch that every so often.

At least your dear husband is home through allt his. Praise the Lord for that. But I sure don't envy your lack of water.

Hope it's back on soon~


Unknown said...

Love the show...sorry for all of the issues...

Unknown said...

Oh Dear! , it is a very funny story from my end, but perhaps not yours!
Hope all turns our well today.

Erin said...

Oh no!!! As I read to the end though I started thinking what a blessing that you had S & L home to work on all this:) Then again does this mean you have had a leak for a long time hence have gone through more water than needed? argh!!!


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