Saturday, June 12, 2010


I have always been drawn to books that inspire me to be a better wife mother and homemaker.

One I have had for years is Homemaking by J. R. Miller.
It has been a book I have refereed to many times for inspiration and encouragement.
I was thrilled to find an on line version: Homemaking that I could share with you.

Also there are books and pamphlets on line to browse through . However, I cannot vouch for these as I have never read these, but have added them to my "To Read list"

I pray you find this book uplifting and inspiring for your own vocations in Homemaking.



Tracy said...

I have that book, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Gae I too am trying to focus & find some good homemaking books for myself this summer & beyond ☺
I just finished Lessons at Blackberry Inn and loved it . going to re-read some of my Grandmother's letters between herself & best fr8iend from the 20's thru 40's .
I find women like this so inspiring . also spending more time with our family and less online helps ☺
My goal this summer is to go offline completly and plug in our old rotary dial ph. cancel the cable and only watch old movies via the library . also my biggest step is to not use a bank card but attend the bank and have a real cashier attend to my banking needs , have real money in my purse not plastic ☺ writing a check every now and then perhaps .
I love Your blog Gae & am going to look at the homemaking section this next week before going offline .
Bless You Gae


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