Sunday, June 27, 2010


Our children love to dress up and play many imaginative games.
Sometimes these are purely from their own imaginations or sometimes from favourite DVD's fr example; LOTR's or other times from books.

Mostly when it is from books it is a novel. Moran found this picture in a new for us, old picture book we bought recently.

She had to as close as possible resemble the girl in the picture. So she looked around and found clothing from our home to dress up and play the part. She even had to use my new basket.

She played this game for at least two days (yes she had to have the clothes as well) before she moved on to newer and better things.
I love it when our children use their time like this. I am sure it is so much better for their minds, hearts and attitudes.

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Anonymous said...

Oh she is precious Gae ! she so reminds me of our Natasha Rose who was so into the movies Annie & the wizard of Oz she wanted us to name our second dd Dorothy or Annie , she was a tad upset at the name Jasmine I must say ☺
I can testify encouraging our children like this leads to them continueing to be creatrive and full of imagination as Natasha is 29yo now and has a fab time being a hair stylist , doing shows etc.
blessings on Your wonderful home Gae


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