Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Eden ♥

Dear Darling Eden,

What a blessing you are sweet birthday girl.
You have so much creativity and ability to look at things from a different angle.
You have always been a fairy like child. You can immerse your self in a book and be transported to a different plane, where it is hard to recall you from.

We have so many reminders of the things you have made and drawn. We have watched you grow and use those interests sharing with others.

Your diverse interests and love for pretty things is a lovely trait that has always allowed you to be such a lady.

May this day be a very happy one that you can enjoy with your siblings loving and creating memories together.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday Eden from all of us:)

Anonymous said...

Hoping your birthday was a happy one! You are a special young lady.
God bless you, dear one.


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