Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Precious Memories

Today I found this poem on the floor of the study.
I don't know how it got there, I don't know but I was glad to see it again as it helps me focus on my vocation as a mother.

It as a very old poem I have written out on a now faded piece of pink paper. It is tattered and torn and the stamp image I placed on the bottom years ago is half missing. A simple image of an older sister twirling two siblings . They look happy and carefree, lost in the joy of each other.

As I am reading it I am reminded of my sacred duty to our children, a duty I take very seriously, to provide a home that is a sanctuary for our family. Where my husband and children can come home to and know that this is a place that will ALWAYS be a sanctuary. A home that will be a place to relax and be totally accepted and loved for who they are and not what they can do.

A home where we have God as our center and are blessed by what that means in our lives.

Our children are all unique and have so many God given gifts and talents that they use everyday....but the one that I value the most, after their love and devotion to our Lord, is the tender and loving care they have for each other.

This is a priceless gift and such an joy to see daily. How blessed I am!!

A Mothers Guidance~

She bent the twig toward home,
towards simple pleasures and a
firelight's glow.

She bent the twig towards truth,
And courage for the paths truth
must go,

She bent the twig towards love,
To lift the hearts of those who
only plod,

And when the tempest raged,
her tree stood firm,
For gently she had bent
the twig towards God.



Unknown said...

The poem is lovely! Thank you for sharing it! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem, something that should be cross-stitched maybe!?
Thanks for sharing, Gae,

Anonymous said...

Hello, What a beautiful, beautiful poem! Thank you.

Marla Grace said...



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