Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Celebration 2010

The Party decorations
Last Wednesday we celebrated "Bilbo's 111th Birthday" Celebration. It was a day filled with lots of final details and preparations very much like last year.

We finished the decorating in the morning and spent time preparing the "Quest" that we were able to do this year as the weather was lovely.
As Hobbits give presents to others on their birthday I picked up some little "party favours" for not very much and we wrapped them for all the party goers.
Autumn was our official wrapper of the presents with string and brown paper, no sticky tape.
Our decorating crew.
Autumn, Vellvin and Moran spent a long time hanging streamers, blowing up balloons and tidying up the veranda in preparation for the party.
Saxon was the official maker of the birthday sign.

The Birthday Banner in place.
The balloons and  streamers all prepared and ready.
Birthday blackboard for Bilbo
Everyone collects each one of these items
One of the best parts of the day was our 'Bilbo's Birthday Quest'
We chose key themes from the movies (I am a movie fan not a book fan....shock, horror) and a token to represent that part in the movie.
WE then had Saxon and Eden hide these around our property and we all went out 'questing' for the tokens to collect and bring to gain admittance to the party.

Here is a list of the scenes from the movie and the token's to  represent them.
1. Leaving the Shire
2. Buckleberry Ferry - paddle pop stick (represents the paddle)
3. Bree - Prancing Pony picture (The Prancing Pony)
4. Weathertop - piece of fabric  (represents the cloaks for warmth)
5. Rivendell - twig with leaves (represents the beauty of the nature in Rivendell)
6. Mines of Moria - Small book (the city records found by Gimli)
7. The River Anduin - paper boat (represents the canoes)
8. Isengard - picture of a white hand ( obvious the white hand of Sauramon)
9. Edoras - crown (King of Rohan)
10. Black Gates -  picture of the black gate (self evident)
11. Helms Deep - Rock (the fortress)
12. The Path of the Dead - picture of skull and crossbones (self evident)
13. Shelob's Lair - pipe cleaner spider ( self evident)
14. Minas Tirith - picture of the white tree of Gondor (King of Gondor)
15. Mount Doom - pipe cleaner rings (the ring of power)
16. Return to the Shire
The Nine Fellowship Companions ready to start the quest. Our 'Hobbits' all wore boots for the quest as we have snakes, Jack- jumper ants and sharp sticks and sags.
Off on the Quest: Leaving the Shire
Helping the younger members of the Fellowship
Walking, walking, walking.....the hobbits have a long way to go.
On the Way to Weather top
Hobbits clowning around after collecting the tokens as far a "Isengard"
A cute hobbit I think
In the Mines of Moria
Arwen was so cute, she liked going in under the house to the Mine to collect the token.
Hobbits at rest.
Moran finding the crowns to represent Edoras on the Quest
Wearing the the "ring of power" after finding them in Mount Doom. The Quest took about an hour to complete and was a really interesting and fun thing to complete together.
Arwen was very keen to sample the muffins for the party.
Preparing the 'hobbit feet' in readiness for the party.
The Hobbit feet fellowship
Ready to enjoy the party
The cake this year looked like  "Mount Doom." Saxon was the maker of the cake and chief decorator.
Our 'Hobbit's Delight" to drink
Our Party food consisted of Buffet style:
Chicken, ham, bread rolls, Greek salad, Caesar Salad, Potato Salad and Pasta Salad. Chocolate muffins an vanilla muffins were also a great hit.
of course ALL hobbits eat mushrooms both cooked above and raw.
 Our night time party
 "Happy Birthday  Bilbo"
 Our fireworks consisted of sparkler and party poppers
Out side with the sparklers at night.

We had a wonderful time again, and I am certain of this being a very looked forward to event each year.

Oh and for some fun name Games here is the link to Hobbit, Elven, Human, Wizard and Dwarf names for LOTR

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Very cool - even if I've never read the books or saw the movies. Yes, I know shocking!!!

I love the hunt idea. You know every year we do an Easter egg hunt for my niece and nephew and even at 17 my niece still loves it. Heck, me and my s-i-l have just as much fun hiding them and help them find them as they do hunting for them :0)

allisamazing said...

That looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the photos. ~Alana~

Kelly said...

Oh! It looks like so much fun, Gae!

You all really know how to throw a party! :)

Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Wow! Gae your children are so blessed to have such fun memories being made!!! It's so lovely to see how you all enjoy your days together. God bless you abundantly..Trish


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