Friday, September 24, 2010

The Joy of Simple Things!

Sometimes in the business of our lives I tend to forget the wonderful rejuvenating and relaxing effects of time spent outside.
Now I have been rarely known to just sit and be still completely, for how I find my peace and equilibrium restored is to be outside enjoying the beauty of the day while creating something for our home or a gift for someone or just because I want to make something for one of our children.

Yesterday was one of these magical times  for me!
After feeding  Arwen, giving her a cuddle and placing her in her cot for  an afternoon nap I was able to step outside in the beautiful Spring atmosphere and spend time doing the cross stitch I am working on.

Now it wasn't an overly sunny day here and still not that warm but it had a Spring feel about it. A light breeze was blowing and I really wanted to take part in the gentleness and joy of the afternoon.
So resisting the urge to do my "Bilbo's Birthday Celebration Post" (yes I am working on it still) or any one of the chores that reached out with it's greedy hands to snatch my moment of tranquility I picked up my craft basket and went outside to our veranda.

One of the memory filled parts of these times is the children invariable come out with me and while not necessarily being with me will wont to be around where I am.
So Eden brought out her sewing and we sat together at the table each enjoying the creative process. Autumn played with her puppy and chatted to both of us.
Saxon and Moran were in and out and then started to bake a cake together. Myffwyn and Corbyn were jumping on the trampoline showing me 'their best tricks' for a while and then played in the sandpit, just content to know I was there. Rogan joined in with the little ones and played with the dogs as well.

As the afternoon passed on Arwen woke from her nap and wanted to join in with everything that was happening around us.

We spent a most enjoyable afternoon together not doing anything important or earth shattering, but just content and secure in the knowledge of who we are in the family circle and content to be there.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Kim said...

Beautiful post, Gae. :)

Anonymous said...

I so with you. I love to sit outside and crochet. Even on warm summer days that is where you'll find me if I have the time.

I also wanted to say congrats on you new blessing. It is so awesome!!!


Marla Grace said...

These simple moments are the best!Sounds like a beautiful afternoon!Blessings,marla

allisamazing said...

What a beautiful post. Your words paint such a lovely picture of your togetherness as a family. Thank you so much for sharing. ~Alana~


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