Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Adventure Begins!!

On Friday evening we said goodbye to our Adventurous Four as they left for a 12 day trek interstate.
After the many, many weeks of planning and preparing, Friday was suddenly upon us with quite a few lat minute things that needed attention. I really thought we would not need to do this, but was soon to find otherwise with a couple of trips by me to town and one by Kynan and Braedon as well.
The packing was something to behold as the bags were assigned to the four travellers. We had bought new soft bags to fit into the boot of the car as I was convinced that the regular 'drag along' bags would not fit. So 4 new bags were purchased, tow at 100 litre size and two at 150litre size.Now to assign bags to boys and girls.
Based on the old adage that 'girls have more clothes etc than boys' I was tempted to let the girls have the bigger bags. Then I used 'motherly instinct' and decided the girls would have the smaller bags.
This once again proved correct as the girls had room to spare in their bags and the boys were very, very full.

Interestingly enough after all the talk of the boys having a prepared list to work from, based on their trips interstate previously, the girls having to write one out for their preparations to begin.

It was both girls who were ready first with their bags backed and all the little extras done, including the final sewing jobs they needed to do.
Our little children had been asking all week when the older ones were 'going on the pilgramage' and had been counting down the days. In the final hours though it was especially upsetting for them.

We have had a 'buddy system' in place with our children for many years. Moran has Kynan as her buddy, Myffwyn has Braedon and Corbyn has Autumn for their buddies.

Now both Kynan and Braedon have had trips away in the last year and Moran and Myffwyn have had a little bit of adjustment time with both the boys working as well.
However little Corbyn has never been away from his 'Autie' and although the three little ones were all VERY upset, Corbyn was inconsolable,especially at bedtime when Autumn wasn't there for 'goodnights'.
Rogan was a great helper and printed out some photos of each 'buddy' and laminated them.
Kynan ready to start out
Eden all ready too.
Autumn all prepared
Is Braedon excited?
Buddies together: Kynan and Moran
A sad Corbyn and his dear Autumn
Eden with sweet little Arwen
Braedon and Myffy
The Adventurous Four
Good Bye: Enjoy your trip.

We love you and pray for your journey.
Have a wonderful time!!!

Blessings to you and your homes,


Erin said...

Boy do they look excited!!!!!:) Those very, very big smiles:) My poor children were informed by Dad they are allowed to take three sets of clothes, they are taking a very tiny car.

Did you send a camera along? I'll have to remind my children to get photos of yours and mine together! Oh so exciting, can't wait to hear all their tales.

Ruth said...

I enjoyed reading this post very much. What a lovely family you have, Gae. Looks like your adventurous four have many stories to share when they're back. Will be praying for their safe and fun adventure.


Gentle Heart Homestead said...

Praying they are all kept safe and have a wonderfully blessed time! And that Mum and Dad and the little ones don't fret too much for them. blessings..Trish

Anonymous said...

Gae Your children / family are so special & beautiful
I have an award for You on my blog ☺ You give me so much joy Gae and that is what I see in Your kids too .
lov rox

Marla Grace said...

Praying for the Childrens safety on this trip. Blessings to you, and your family. Marla Grace

Judy Dudich said...

Even I am now crying as they "depart"...and I am reading this AFTER the fact, lol!!!! There is such LOVE between your children...thank you for sharing them with us!


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