Thursday, October 21, 2010

Along the Alphabet Path - L Week

Well here we are again with another Alphabet Path edition- L Week
Once again this was a really busy couple of weeks for us and seriously I wasn't feeling up to much creativity, so basically we did just that only basics.
Once again we read from the relevant L page of the following books:
The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies
Waldorf Alphabet Book
L M N O P and All the Letters A to Z
An Alphabet of Catholic Saints
The Angels' Alphabet (Lamb Time)
Museum ABC
A Stands for Angel
A is for Altar B is for Bible
Letters from Heaven
More Saints: Lives & Illuminations
We also spent a lot of time just saying words that begin with L and then tracing and writing L
I also introduced some new work sheets from Kids Zone. I really love this site for the varied sheets to use.
Corbyn colouring an 'L' worksheet
I also introduced a counting theme as Moran is into counting everything she sees at the moment. We are counted constatnly as we sit for a meal or in the cars or who is missing. She has progressed with this wonderfully and it really is a skill she has enjoyed useing.
Moran is using the Sandpaper numerals we made and coloured teddies.
Using our Montessori style counting work
We also made Ladybettle snacks.
Simply use rice crackers (those big round rice bubble ones), plum jam and sultanas.
Lady Beetele snacks were very popular
Our St Lucia from our selection of Alphabet Saints, I just need to add the birthday ones I have painted to the list
Moran Myffwyn and Corbyn using our linking cubes for counting, umm, making guns!
LISTENING is an L word and they listened to some great story tapes while doing some colouring in on a very dreary day.
LOOKING at the Ballet book while listening and drawing
Our L sound pouch.

Our L books we read
These Letter books are really very popular and our children have all loved these and the others (I couldn't find for the photo)
Moran's L week worksheets
Myffwyn's L week work sheets
Corbyn's worksheets
Oops I forgot to turn this picture around, sorry
Myffwyn's math sheets
I did a lot of counting and writing of numbers with the girls, Moran especially. We used a lot of small rocks and counted out the amount and wrote out the numeral.
Moran's math sheets

Well as you can see there was not a lot of very creative time spent on this letter.
I am pleased with the progress the girls are making and especially Moran with her interest and enthusiasm for learning.

Blessings to you and your homes,

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