Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cherished Books

I know that for some people reading "children's books or children's picture books is not thought to be appropriate for adults. In fact I well remember the time I gave a 'classic children's book' as a gift and hearing that the recipient was offended by my 'child gift.'

I have always loved  these  quotes from C.S. Lewis~ "A children's story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children's story in the slightest."
and "No book is really worth reading at the age of ten which is not equally – and often far more – worth reading at the age of fifty and beyond."

So based on those thoughts and ideas I LOVE reading to myself and sharing particular authors and illustrators with our children.

Just this week we were able to receive these two wonderful books by these favoured Authors: Elsa Beskow and Sibylle Von Olfers 
The Land of Long Ago

The Story of the Rabbit Children

We have loved reading both these authors for some years now and both the books above are new releases in English.

We are blessed to own the collection of both these authors in English and I have only been disappointed with one of the books- The Curious Fish by Elsa Beskow.

So if you are looking for beautifully illustrated and quite long picture books to read aloud with your children I would recommend  Elsa Beskow books as well as Sibylle von Olfers books (these are not a long at all but are just as delightful) are lovely to read and look at too.

We have also used both these Authors/illustrators in our Art lessons, where the children copy the artwork for their lessons. I have found this gives the children wonderful experience and beautiful examples to work form.

I am writing this simply because we love these books, not as a promotion or commission etc - BUT simply to share the love of beautifully written and illustrated books we enjoy as a family.
Oh, and even though I use the picture and book links to Amazon that is simply to show the books etc. I ALWAYS buy from Book Depository because they have FREE shipping on any book or any amount of books and are they are reliable in books arriving in a very short time.

Blessings to you and your homes,


Anonymous said...

Dear Gae ! can I say horray for this post !
Gae I know some people think me simple . I love childrens books , just for myself .
I always list my fav childrens books in with all the other books I have read because they too helped shaped who I am , pippi , indian two feet , the velvet room etc. I would not be Rox without those books !
As an adult who approached the church once we already had children . I of course wished this to not just be a personal journey but a family journey .
Of course this meant finding books which our children could learn from and grow . However Gae I have to say non of the adult material appealed to me as the childrens did . In fact I do not have to date a modern catholic adult writer I enjoy .the latest for me stopped with ST.Therse ☺ however childrens books especially the Fr. Lovasik books are /were my favs !
I learned just as much from them & the childrens catechism as I needed . For His & my relationship I needed nothing else .
Of course I have a CCC & a concordence but my treassured bible from 1957 given to me by my dh aunt who has been with the sisters of the precious blood for over 50 yrs & childrens books are my most special gifts .
Simple ? No it leaves me open to receive anything from Him . I am always brought back to simple saints like Brother Andre , ST.Therese , etc. always keeping a childs heart .I pray and pray I too can do the same ☺
I love the Elsa Besko & Sibylle von Olfers books they remind me of my gramma who I'm sure you know also loved and read childrens books ;-)
Oh and what of the Babar books ! the ones with the real handwriting inside ! I still love to read those !
read away Gae read away ;-)

Gardenia said...

I have delighted in so many children's books. i love them, and love to recall the ones I loved as a child, so I can buy them and share them with my dauighter (and my own little self too). I'll have to check out the books you mention, but I do so love reading pictures books. I hope you are doing well Gae!

Anonymous said...

I love those two quotes by C.S. Lewis. I am a children's book reader too. :-)
I love Beatrix Potter and like to watch the movies too. And "The Adventures of the Four" and "What Katy Did". And of course the "Little House Books". I still enjoy lots of childrens books. :-)
Anne x


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